With Zumtobel which is a concerned company of Zumtobel group get amazing and never ending solutions of lighting at the . They have acclaimed international standards through their extra ordinary professionalism in producing both outdoor and indoor lighting systems. They have been in this field of producing exceptional quality lighting systems since 50 years. Over the passing years, they have continuously developed new innovations and customised lighting solutions for the people.

They are always involved in meeting out the demands of economic efficiency, ergonomics as well as environmental compatibility while delivering their products. They have been serving the needs of lighting systems at various architectural building for various application areas like office & communication, presentation & retail, Education & science, wellness & hotel, healthcare, art & culture and many more.

They have created their international presence by establishing their sales organisations at 23 countries and possess various commercial agencies at 50+ countries. Their lighting solutions provide an ultimate emotional effect on the customers with their diverse complexities. They also ensure the well being of their customers through their continuous research.

Quality & Sustainability

The two most significant and characteristic features of all their products are quality as well as sustainability. They make use of highly responsible as well as sustainable material in the production of their products to cater every need and requirement of the customers. The quality of the products and their sustainability has always been the driving forces behind their successive growth.

Environment Product Declaration

Environment Product Declaration

They are considered to be the first and foremost company in India who have introduced the declaration of environmental products. All their products are certified with the standard ISO 14025 certification and the EN 15804 certification. They are always indulged in the maintaining suitable and environment friendly life cycle. With their environment product declarations, they have created a pioneer position for themselves in the market. 

Eco+ – The Consumption-Centred Product Label

Eco+ – The Consumption-Centred Product Label

All their products are manufactured by strictly keeping in mind the benefits of the people as well as the environment. All their products carry the label of Eco+ which completely centers on the consumptions of the products. This eco+ label is representation of their consumption centred approach towards the manufacturing of their products. 

Five-Year Guarantee

Five-Year Guarantee

The most distinguishing feature of their products includes their outstanding quality as well as superior designs. Apart from this, they also provide a five years guarantee to all its customers on all their products. They offer this huge guarantee to their customers in order to meet out the expectation of the customers and create their huge reputation in the market with respect to their quality, design and innovation. 

Your Light In A World Of Change.

The world is continuously changing with the running time and so are the requirements of the people. This has also resulted in drastic changes in the applications and functionality of the lighting systems and their controls. The three major things which can be ensured with the lighting systems of Zumtobel are maximum amount of energy efficiency, adaptive lighting quality and long lasting safety and security. With the help of their lighting systems, the people can increase their safety, productivity as well as profitability along with reducing the cost of operation and downtime. 

Energy efficiency
2Lighting quality
without service
1. Energy Efficiency
A well maintained system is up to 15 percent more efficient over the building's live cycle. Using our expertise, we guarantee to maximize the return on your lighting investment.

2. Lighting Quality
Changing demographics and the ad-aptability of work environments make new demands on a lighting solution. We take care that the lighting quality is kept constant at the highest possible level.

3. Safety
A properly working lighting system is an absolute requirement for safety. Regular checkups and maintenance are crucial to ensure safety through-out your building.

Zumtobel Limbic Lighting At Euroshop 02/2014

At EuroShop 2014, which was held in Duesseldorf from 16 to 20 February, Zumtobel presented the findings of a new study which identifies the emotional responses of people to various lighting scenarios in a shop on an empirical basis. The findings of this study carried out by Zumtobel and Gruppe Nymphenburg will lead to the development of retail lighting concepts that provide for perfect presentation of goods and increase the customers' sense of well-being.

The question of which lighting parameters, in a retail context, possess the greatest effect, and which lighting scenarios have a positive impact on people's emotional perception had so far not been investigated. The Limbic Lighting study shows clear differences with respect to lighting preferences. Target groups respond in different ways to even the smallest changes hardly noticeable to the naked eye. Accordingly, adjusting the lighting scenarios to target group-specific needs is explicitly recommended.

Based on this study, Zumtobel has been able to identify three focuses - with fundamental differences in terms of lighting design and clearly different vistas. The findings obtained clearly show that each individual target group can be addressed to optimum effect.

Graft High-Bay Led Luminaire Wins "Design Plus Powered By Light+Building" Award 02/2014

This award is presented for special achievements in terms of design, environmental compatibility and technology.

The GRAFT high-bay LED luminaire has won the "Design Plus powered by light+building" award.

All products submitted were evaluated by an expert jury according to the following criteria:

  • Design: quality of design, choice of materials, user-friendliness (universal design)
  • Environmental aspects: energy efficiency, sustainability (use of resources), service life
  • Technology: innovation, function, technological quality, capability of integration

GRAFT - worthy of distinction

With a luminous flux level of up to 28.000 lumens, GRAFT is a top performer in industrial lighting: thanks to innovative lens technology, GRAFT provides high-precision direction of light for models with square or narrow-beam light distribution. Luminous fields that do not overlap create significant extra uniformity and efficiency for any lighting solution. Thus, a lower number of luminaires are required, and investment costs are significantly reduced.

Moreover, the luminaire is available in intermediate (4000 K/CRI 80/88 lm/W) or cool white (6500 K/CRI 70/100 lm/W), qualifying it for nearly any challenge - no matter whether in warehouses, manufacturing bays or workshops. Another asset is that GRAFT is DALI-dimmable as standard and requires little maintenance. The high-bay LED luminaire is therefore perfectly prepared for use with lighting management systems, ensuring maximum energy and CO2 savings.

About the competition

145 companies and 239 products submitted took part in the "Design Plus powered by light+building" competition, which was tendered by Messe Frankfurt and organised by the German Design Council. A total of 36 products have won an award.

The "Design Plus powered by light+building" competition represents the innovative content and trend-setting performance of the trade fair exhibitors' products. The award-winning products will be presented at light+building in hall 1.1 stand E51 during the trade fair, i.e. from 30 March to 4 April 2014. The Zumtobel trade fair stand will be located in hall 2.0, stand B30+B31.

>> http://www.zumtobel.com/lightbuilding2014 

New Zumtobel Factory Hall Increases Capacity For Led Growth 02/2014

The new building will allow further growth in the sphere of LED technology as well as optimisation of processes within the factory. A total of 10,000 square metres have been added to the factory, subdivided into 2,000 square metres of office space and 8,000 square metres of production space.

LED lens manufacture as core competence of the future
One of the core competencies to be further expanded at the Dornbirn site is the manufacture of LED lenses. To this end, about EUR one million were invested in injection-moulding machines that will be put into operation in the new factory hall this spring. The aim is to strengthen Zumtobel's leadership in the segment of lens manufacture.

Moreover, the fitting of LED boards, or SMD configurations, will be accommodated in "Hall 7". Workstations for assembling LED luminaires will also be relocated to the new hall. At present, the share of LED products at the Dornbirn site amounts to 31 percent; this number is to be increased to 40 percent in the next financial year.

Efficient LED lighting
The new factory hall is illuminated exclusively by LED luminaires made by Zumtobel. On the ground floor, for instance, GRAFT LED high-bay luminaires have been installed. Zumtobel opted for the TECTON LED continuous-row lighting system to be installed in the basement. Already during planning of the hall, special emphasis was placed on optimum utilisation of natural daylight. "As a lighting group, it is a matter of course for us to provide our staff members with efficient,perfect illumination. At the same time, the factory hall with its lighting solution is a great showroom for customers from all over the world, who visit our site to attend training courses," says Herwig Burtscher, manager of the plant.

Video On The World's First Uncased Timber High-Rise Building 02/2014

The LifeCycle Tower ONE in Dornbirn is the world's first uncased timber high-rise building.
In the video, a building developer, an architect and a Zumtobel expert explain how this innovative building came about and what role the lighting solution plays.

Tecton Led Ready For Worldwide Use With Immediate Effect 02/2014

Tecton Led Ready For Worldwide Use With Immediate Effect 02/2014
TECTON, whose success story has already spanned more than a decade, is being used in more than 50 countries across the globe.
TECTON LED has now been certified according to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and China Compulsory Certification (CCC), which means that it can be used in the USA and in China as well with immediate effect. Thus, Zumtobel is able to support its customers across continents, making it possible to implement lighting solutions across the globe using the flexible TECTON LED continuous-row lighting system.

Zumtobel Masterpieces: Light In Its Best Form. Form In Its Best Light. 02/2014

Zumtobel Masterpieces: Light In Its Best Form. Form In Its Best Light. 02/2014

Artists, architects and designers use light as a creative tool. Zumtobel helps them to make their visions become reality. Zumtobel Masterpieces are created in close collaboration with major contemporary protagonists.
These Masterpieces, which are both luminaires and works of art, are drivers of innovation at Zumtobel. For this range of products, the best give their best: Olafur Eliasson, Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind, Hani Rashid - and Zumtobel.

Find out more about these exceptional design items
>> http://www.zumtobel.com/masterpieces

Data Available For Design Of Automatic Cut-Outs 02/2014

For a majority of products, Zumtobel provides data for the design of automatic cut-outs.

These can be found online, directly at the product, under design details, and are available for downloading. The document provides information on the number of luminaires used with each automatic cut-out chosen. Moreover, all automatic cut-outs and switch-on current data are available on a separate data sheet.

Visit Zumtobel At Light+Building 01/2014

Let yourself be inspired by our ideas and innovations, which will be presented in Frankfurt from 30 March until 4 April 2014. You will find Zumtobel in Hall 2.0, stand B30+B31.

Visit our worlds of light at light+building, the world's largest trade fair for lighting and building-services technology. 

Zumtobel will be focusing on one particular subject: How can we use our application know-how, lighting solutions and services to help you and your company achieve your goals?

In this context, the 780 square metre Zumtobel stand in Hall 2.0, B30+31, will impress visitors, presenting light in an architectural setting and coming up with the following innovations: 
+    LITECOM: the new standard for professional lighting control
+    SEQUENCE: the revolutionary LED luminaire for quintessential light
+    LIGHT FIELDS evolution: the best light for your office
+    ONLITE eBox: the world's first TUV-certified emergency lighting system
+    ZUMTOBEL Limbic Lighting: how to address customers' emotions using 
      Zumtobel shop lighting 
+    ZUMTOBEL Services: from financing through to maintenance - the new Zumtobel service

Book your free access ticket and a personal tour of our stand at
>> http://www.zumtobel.com/lightbuilding2014

We look forward to meeting you!

For general information on the trade fair, please visit >> http://light-building.messefrankfurt.com/ 

If Design Award Goes To Five Led Products 01/2014

Zumtobel's design competence acknowledged again
The 49-member jury of experts of the iF product design award 2014 has chosen the DIAMO LED downlight, the LIGHT FIELDS evolution LED luminaire range, the LINCOR pendant LED luminaire, the ARCOS Xpert LED spotlight, and the GRAFT high-bay LED luminaires as winners of the award for their trend-setting design.

For Zumtobel, intelligent design has to meet both aesthetic and functional requirements. Independently and in close collaboration with internationally renowned designers, the Zumtobel product design team develops products that are outstanding on account of their maximum performance and unobtrusive design. Zumtobel's ambition in this area has been acknowledged once again by the five most recent awards.

As many as five products by Zumtobel have managed to impress the iF product design award jury and received the award. Since 161, Zumtobel has obtained 76 of these awards, making it the most successful Austrian company.

ARCOS Xpert LED spotlight
With ARCOS, David Chipperfield has created a luminaire range with a purist, unobtrusive stylistic idiom that focuses on just two tasks: delivering the best lighting for works of art in museums and exhibitions, and providing an authentic artistic experience. The ARCOS Xpert LED spotlight meets all the requirements placed on contemporary accent lighting in museums and galleries and also satisfies exacting conservational requirements. 
Design: David Chipperfield
> http://www.zumtobel.com/arcos

DIAMO LED downlight
In addition to its excellent performance, DIAMO cannot fail to impress thanks to its minimalist, classy design. DIAMO, which has been developed jointly with Bartenbach GmbH, presents itself as an elegant classic ensuring brilliant lighting quality.
> http://www.zumtobel.com/diamo 

GRAFT high-bay LED luminaire 
By using only high-quality materials combined with special manufacturing processes (die-cast aluminium), together with a patented design involving a stack effect for improved thermal management, Zumtobel has managed to develop an LED luminaire for industrial use that features a level of quality and durability never achieved before. 
Design: Arup/Stephen Philips
> http://www.zumtobel.com/graft

LIGHT FIELDS evolution recessed, surface-mounted, pendant, free-standing and wall-mounted LED luminaire
A design revolution has been made possible by integrating LEDs  into the frame of the new LIGHT FIELDS evolution. With a height of just 28 mm, this slim-line lighting module accomplishes demanding lighting projects in office environments with effortless ease.
Design: Sottsass Associati
> http://www.zumtobel.com/lightfields 

LINCOR pendant LED luminaire
In line with the spirit of our time, the luminaire is slim and minimalist in design. With a cross-section of 6 x 6 cm, LINCOR forms a perfect axis across the office. Its design enhances architectural structures and blends into almost any environment.
> http://www.zumtobel.com/lincor 

A total of 2046 participants from 55 countries submitted 4615 entries for the iF design award. The prize award ceremony will take place on 28 February at the BMW World in Munich.

Good Design Award Goes To Lincor 01/2014


Zumtobel LED luminaire receives prestigious Good Design Award
Classic straight-lines and timeless architectural design combined with sustainability and practicality led Zumtobel's LINCOR luminaire to win a coveted Good Design Award for 2013.

Using innovative technology and design > LINCOR brings LED lighting in a new direction with interplay on direct and indirect lighting. Custom designed minicell louvers coated with high-purity aluminum ensure diffuse light distribution and optimum glare control.

With a small cross-section, LINCOR creates a smooth, unobtrusive line through offices, conference rooms, classrooms, and so many more spaces. The LED board was specifically designed to minimize the space required - with both the direct LED clusters and the individual indirect LEDs on the same board.

Individual or continuous-row mounting allows for configuration of LINCOR within small or large spaces opening up unlimited design options for architects and lighting designers. Achieving an LED service life of 50,000 hours makes LINCOR a sustainable investable for the future.

The Good Design Awards are given to over 700 products and graphic designs from firms from over 38 countries. Good Design is the worlds oldest and most prestigious Design Awards program organized by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in conjunction with the European Centre of Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies.

Overview Of Zumtobel Products With Increased Efficiency 01/2014

Overview Of Zumtobel Products With Increased Efficiency 01/2014

In the Highlights brochure and on the Zumtobel website, you will find a convenient overview of products whose efficiency has been increased over the past months.

For over 60 years, it has been Zumtobel's goal to produce the best light for people and our environment. In the process, the rapid development of LED technology has resulted in quickly increasing the products' efficiency.

In order to ensure that you are always up to date as regards specific Zumtobel products that have become more efficient over the past months, a relevant table will be included as of now in the Highlights brochure published every six months. 

In addition, you can call up the continuously updated list on our website under "Products" which will help you to keep track of recent efficiency increases.