Zulfiqar M Barmare

Zulfiqar M Barmare"Design is sacred, but it has to be functional to the client's needs..."

Mr. Zulfiqar M Barmare, an Interior Designer having pursued Interior Designing from MHSS Polytechnic College of Engineering in1996 - Mumbai, is the Design Manager for H S A with a focus on establishing creative strategy, budgets and schedules for key design projects whilst mentoring and supervising a creative team and challenging and introducing new and innovative methods of creative execution.

A play of material, the judicious use of technology and a design sensibility that borders on the minimal without being cold, defines the style. He aims at transforming every site into a stimulating environment, rich in inventive detailing. His nature and persona reflects in his work.

He peruses a collaborative process that seeks to integrate design and functionality into a unified and economical design. He brings a passion for design excellence and management experience to every project he is involved with. Having an experience of over 20 years, he is responsible for design, execution management, staffing & leadership. His background of fantastic career experience adds on to the glory of HSA. He believes that a good design is an outcome of finding meaning, beauty and purpose for the spaces.

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Zulfiqar M Barmare