Zak World Of Facades Delhi, India, August 2014

We are approaching a fast lane of industrial growth and as we speak today we still miss the fundamentals of the building facade which is a complex subject for most of us.

The first season of Zak World of Facades consisted of six editions held across in India starting with Bengaluru in July 2012, Ahmedabad in October 2012, Kolkata in November 2012, Mumbai in March 2013, Chennai in June 2013 and New Delhi in August 2013. A total of 2012 delegates attend the first season making it the biggest conference series held in India on Facades.

After our highly encouraging and successful first season around India, the second season of Zak World of Facades promises to offer better knowledge to all the participants. The second season will take place on the 21st February in Bangalore, 11th April in Mumbai, 8th August in New Delhi & 7th November in Kolkata.

A one-day event is planned where the construction industry fraternity experts from India and abroad are going to share their experience to achieve best facade execution practices. Every section of this program will be well planned to give an insight view of advanced facade execution and the support structure available to lift the industry to be in par with world standards.

Expert panels comprise of well experienced professionals from various construction discipline to analyze and debate on the present and future scenario of facade industry with an open approach to strengthen the industry.
Zak World Of Facades Delhi, India, August 2014