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Zabeel Corporate Park
Zabeel Corporate Park
Zabeel Corporate Park

Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Area: 4,729,429 Sq.Ft

Client: Rasis Developers Llc

This is a 4.7 million sq ft facility with a usage mix comprising of a 5-star hotel and service apartments, 5 corporate office towers, 2 levels of retail mall, and supported by several banqueting and health club provisions. The complexity of design and the mixed-use requirements are efficiently sorted out with modular grid planning. The podium is designed on the rectangular grid maximizing the efficiency of the basement to accommodate almost 4500 car parks. The towers rest on the podium oriented to a diagonal grid - creating interesting intermediate spaces on the connecting terrace. Open-to-sky courts puncture the otherwise very compact building to introduce lots of light into the podium making the whole retail experience very refreshing. Independent drop-off and entry separates the hotel and service apartment block - though the buildings are connected structurally - hence maintaining the design integrity of the project. The squarish floor plate of the offices with large column-free spans wrapped by glass and steel offer a distinct openness to the working spaces.

Self-sustainability issues are efficiently addressed in the design and the building has achieved a gold rating for LEED. The project throughout maintains a modern, minimal character with striking simplicity in the detailing even though the plan is extremely complex in functionality.