Works of Art, Architects and Interior Designers has been established in 1997. As pioneers in spatial planning and design consultancy, we specialize in thefield of Architectural & Interior Design, Landscape and Vastu Consultancy.

We, at Works of Art, initiate design ideas, and translate them into plans in accordance with the client’s requirements and needs within scheduled time span and pre-established financial limits. We stand as unbiased advisor to the client giving benefits of our experience to make sure that the project receives of what has been paid for it, in quality like manner & in class one..

Architecture uses the philosophic wholesomeness of Humanities, the logical rationalism of Science, the passionate imagination of Art and theinexhaustible resources of Technology. It calls for originality, creativity,conceptualization, perception, aesthetic values, and a holistic judgment..

In case of Interior Architecture, the primary objective is to generate a purposeful ambience such as would stimulate the user's creative potential through multifarious activities. It must facilitate the individual's sense of orientation, identification and eventual appropriation of architectural spaces, that meld the interiors and exteriors into symbiotic relationshipsthrough varied experiences of scale, volume, light and shade. Interiors are not only to protect the users from the extremes of weather but also to nurture them emotionally. .

Since the interior spaces are truly the life-force of any building, they must be designed (and not decorated) as detailed artistic articulation of the basic architectural concept with deep insight and sensitivity to fulfill the fundamental functional and aesthetic needs that are efficient and pleasant to live and work in. The development of design is a very conscious act and it infuses life into interiors subconsciously..


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5268, Kolhapur Road, Kamla nagar, Delhi, Delhi, India - 110007

Owner: Ashish Teneja

Founded: 1997