Wooden Venetian Blinds



MARVEL offer Wooden Venetian Blinds with 35 & 50mm wide slats. This product is available with Standard cord operation as well as Motorized System for more comfort and control. We have 42 of our most inspiring colors , for different styles and trends to meet your preferences for your interior.

Wooden Venetian blinds are warm, natural and inviting, a classic combination that can make a room feel instantly more comfortable as well as more functional.  Wooden Venetian blinds do their job without looking utilitarian, and easily complement many different styles of furniture and a wide range of colors.   Wooden Venetian Blinds are a versatile custom window treatment that can work beautifully in any window, with every decorating style .MARVEL wood slat blinds are hand-crafted of the finest grade basswood,. We designed these premium indoor blinds to blend with your home's other quality hardwood features, including furniture, flooring and cabinetry. They also offer superior light control, energy efficiency and noise .

Feature & benefit
The #1 appeal is, of course, the natural look and feel that makes a room feel warm and comfortable. Functionally, Wooden Venetian blinds offer good light control, better insulation than aluminum blinds, are made of a renewable material and are durable.
The style that a wood blind contributes to your home is driven by several elements: the color of the slats, slat size, valance, route less slat design, cord versus tape support, and of course, your room! Generally, your primary considerations are color and slat size. The complete set of options varies by brand but is explained below.
42 of inspiring Colors are available.
Slat sizes
35mm and 50mm slat size is available.
MARVEL have 2 type of Headrail option 1) Inside slat system 2) Valance system.
Mechanism System
There are two type of Mechanism 1) Two in one mechanism 2) Standard Mechanism.
Available with motorization and remote control. Motorized wood window blinds are known as motorized tilt, which open and closes the slats.
Ladder Tape & Ladder String
: Marvel have designed stunning range of slim ladder tape of 13mm which give sophisticated and can complement your window. There are 26 colors available in ladder tape & Ladder String.

Cleaning & Care
Remove dust from the blinds.

Clean each blind slat with the damp washcloth. Wipe both the front and back of each slat. Clean the cords the same way.

Clean the blinds regularly. Dusting at least once a month can keep the dust and dirt from building up on the slats of the blinds.