Wood is certainly not an invention in housing. Our grandfathers had a lot of wooden element in their homes and Japan relies on log homes as a permanent dwelling as it is earthquake prone. Concrete buildings cause a lot of loss to life and property. Wood remains unparalleled, keeping in mind its functional and aesthetic properties, as the oldest material for home building. 
In operations since 2006, Woodbarn India uses high quality SPF lumber from the sustainably managed and protected forests of Canada. SPF is the hybrid variety of the three coniferous trees – spruce, pine and fir.

Our Philosophy

  • Innovation and Excellence.
  • Simple and Clear Solutions.
  • Speed- The USP of our product is time. We would adopt this as philosophy. Each decision, Each action and each activity needs to be faster and without unnecessary delays.
  • Transparency and systematized Approach.
  • Growth for all.
  • Enduring and enriching customer relationship.
  • High quality standards.
  • No compromises for anything less than excellence
  • High Investments in up gradation of skill sets.
  • Reducing inefficiencies and ineffective costs.
Personal Details
10/33A, Second Floor, Yogmaya Mandir Lane, Ward number-1, Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi, India - 110030

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Owner: Sanjay Sharma

Founded: 2006

Employees: 7


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