Wonderweave is one of the specialised companies of manufacturing and designing hand woven furniture for outdoors. They have brilliantly infused art with excellent designs and quality to producer highly creative and unique furniture for outdoor purpose. Their furniture is particularly meant to provide elegance and beauty in your surrounding apart from ultimate comfort and luxury.

Some of the unique factors responsible for the growth and increased demand of this furniture include creativity, design, functionality and quality. They completely focus on the production of high quality products along with their unique designs to match the specific requirements and choices of people.


They have maintained the best quality in the designs, form and functionality of their products. In fact they also maintain the quality in their manufacturing and the after sales services.

Best materials:

In terms of material of the products, they have always used best in class material for the manufacturing of their products. They make use of aluminium frames coated with powder in their furniture due to which they are very light in weight and possess long lasting durability. In fact, they do not even get rust. Apart from this, they also make use of synthetic fibres in their furniture for weaving purpose. It is also a light weighted fibre with high durability, water resistance and UV protection. While manufacturing cushions, they make use of special water repellent fabric which is also stain resistant.

Master Craftsmanship:

Using of best material is not sufficient enough to become a master brand of furniture. It also requires master craftsmanship to produce high quality finished products.

Quality Control:

They carry out stringent quality check on all their products to meet out the higher standards of quality throughout the procedure of manufacturing. The final products are only delivered after all these quality checks. 


Simplicity, timelessness, quality and craftsmanship have all been at the centre of WONDERWEAVE's philosophy since its inception. We have been making contemporary furniture that pays due attention to tradition and craftsmanship. WONDERWEAVE invests in innovation and design to bring you surprisingly contemporary furniture that remains so. Durable aesthetics and a high standard of quality are concepts on which a lot of time is spent at WONDERWEAVE ; by our furniture makers -with great care and knowledge-, and by our designers -with much passion and dedication.

Environmental and social regards are also important aspects of our production process. We strive to constantly develop and improve methods and materials used in our production. Our aim is to ensure that social and environmental responsibility is incorporated throughout the production process.

WONDERWEAVE stands for quality which has been reflected in our design policy and the way we make our furniture. Quality in which we invest afresh every day, because we see renewal as a next step in the refinement of technology, or an addition to functionality. No cosmetic interventions but, quite to the contrary, an increase in visual and material durability. With its passion for innovation, WONDERWEAVE is constantly pushing the boundaries of materials, technologies and aesthetics in order to create groundbreaking products that both inspire and delight.

Green Choice

The entire furniture range of Wonderweave is environment friendly. They are considered to be the green choice for the people. They deeply understand their responsibility towards the environment and nature. Thus they make use of eco friendly materials and techniques to manufacture their products. They make use of aluminium and synthetic wicker as the raw material to manufacture their furniture. The wicker material is basically a unique polyethylene fibre. They are completely recyclable as they contain no amount of PVC.

This material is completely certified with the standard of ISO 14001. This is equivalent to international standards of environmental protection. It is a well known fact that aluminium is considered to be an environment friendly metal of the planet. Thus all their furniture is highly sustainable. 

Handwoven Luxury

They make use of the most essential tool of hands for the manufacturing of finest quality furniture. They give definite forms and structure to their ideas with the help of their hands. They conceptualise those ideas into reality with their talent of hands. They provide highly durable and aesthetic handcrafted furniture to meet out the customised requirements of the people. They provide a perfect blend of artistic craftsmanship and modernity in all their products. Their hand woven furniture conveys perfect luxury and bond to the customers for long time duration.

Weaving has always been popular in India. The skilful blend and combination of traditional craft of weaving along with modern designs and material leads to the formation of hand woven furniture of Wonderweave. All their designs are distinctive from each other and offer high durability. All furniture range of Wonderweave has been designed with extreme care and dedication.