Women Architects & Designers Awards India Delhi 2016

Hello & welcome to Women Architects & Designers (WADE) India - Awards & Conferences, a platform created for recognizing & documenting the work of Women professionals of the industry. Our research concluded that despite having eminent women working in the field of architecture & design, there is no trajectory of work done by women architects and designers.

While it is said that Architecture as a profession is gender neutral, at the same time we are also aware of the different women related topics making rounds like the ones, "Where are the women?" and the recent remark by Zaha Hadid, "As a woman in architecture you're always an outsider." We need to tell you that a platform like WADE is more than this!

Whatever your view, WADe IS YOUR PLATFORM to Discuss, Network, Learn from other's successes & failures, as you mingle during the event, which will also include Celebration, Recognition, and definitely one of a kind of 'Togetherness that Inspires Growth' for all Women Architects & Designers of India! Register your name as a DELEGATE | SPEAKER | SPONSOR or NOMINATE your name/ names of other women designers for AWARDS. As per your interest, we shall get back with more details.

Objectives of WADe
  • Ensuring visibility of Women led projects
  • Bridging Mentorship between Leading & Aspiring Architects & Designers
  • Lending a helping hand to those who want to come back to the
  • Encouraging, Sharing & Learning through Research
  • Celebrating the Life, Work and Achievements of Women Designers
  • Rewards & Recognition
  • Women Architects & Designers Awards India Delhi 2016