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Window magic is a well known division and brand of Window Magic India Pvt. Ltd. which was formerly known as Ramtex Overseas Pvt. Ltd. They are considered to be the first company in India to introduce the concept of UPVC in door manufacturing and window manufacturing. They have always pushed their limits to achieve the highest peaks of success by continuously experimenting with the advanced technology and also considering the conservation of the environment. They have been able to maintain higher levels of diligence and integrity in their dealings with the customers.

Being a popular part of Window magic India Pvt. Ltd. and the JV group, they started their operation in the year 2002. They basically started in collaboration with the well known Profine Group of Germany who is counted among the largest manufacturer of UPVC profiles. Occupying an experience of several years, they have been able to produce advanced range of products with the help of technology. Their wide ranging segments of products include Doors and windows, glass solutions, profile laminations and insect screen. Among these segments, countless numbers of products are available which include Tilt and turn Window, Casement doors and windows, Sliding doors and windows, Glasswin doors and windows and Slide and Lift doors. Apart from these, they also provide plisse double window, vert Spring Window, lat double Window, and lat single window.

This huge range of products has helped them to gain such significant importance in the market. They have always shown complete loyalty towards their huge base of customers which has resulted in widespread popularity of the business. They maintain all the national as well as international standards of quality in their products by carrying out stringent quality control tests. It is a known fact that UPVC is popular for its high rigidity and durability. When it combines with galvanised steel, it gets further more strengthened.

  1. Maximum Resistance towards Wind

They provide ideal UPVC door and window systems for the buildings which are located near the sea and have to bear strong winds and heavy rain. They possess high resistance towards strong winds which ensures safety and security of the people. In fact, they have also been certified with the British Standards. 

2. Maximum Water tightness

All their products have been extensively designed to ensure no leakage during the rainy season. Thus their products prove to be useful to ensure safety of the buildings from heavy rain.  

3. Minimal Maintenance

Their UPVC doors and windows can be easily maintained without applying any kind of painting or maintenance. Being made of highest quality material, they do not corrode, wrap or rot under any circumstances. Thus people are not required to pay more attention towards their maintenance. 

4. Fire Resistance

The material of the products of Window magic is completely free from combustion which ensures their high resistance towards fire.

5. Longevity

The profiles of Window magic are made up of excellent quality material which ensures high longevity of their products. Their attractiveness and their working remains as it is over the usage of several years. 

6. UV Stable

All their products are completely stable with UV. The material with which they are made does not get altered under any weather condition. 

7. Customization

They offer customized solutions for the customers according to their requirements. Their wide range of combinations and designs fulfil the specific needs of the customers. 

8. Aesthetics

Their wide ranging colours of their products provide high level of aesthetics to the customers. Their distinctive colour combinations suit best with the design and interiors of the wall and furniture. 

9. Environment Friendly

Their UPVC profiles contain calcium zinc of green line which can be recycled in order to maintain sustainability with the environment. They all are completely environment friendly. 

10. High Acoustic / Sound Insulation

All their UPVC doors and windows are highly insulated with sound and acoustic. They offer complete protection from loud noises at both home and offices. 

11. Thermal Insulation

All their profiles are made with multiple sections of chambers which also provide complete insulation from heat. 

12. Energy Efficient

Being an excellent insulator of thermal energy, these UPVC doors and windows are highly energy efficient. They can save up to 30 percent energy. 

13. Impact Resistance

Their products also possess highest grades of impact resistance because of their highly advanced compounds used in their development. 

Mission Statement
Guided by the relentless focus of our vision and values we deliver top of the line products and tailored solutions for customer requirement by continuous innovation in the domain of uPVC technology and product knowledge for sustained profitability.

Vision Statement:
Looking to the future we expect to occupy the minds of customers as being the preferred uPVC manufacturer and supplier with customized solutions, discernment, practical knowledge, product prowess and integrity.

Quality Policy

Holistic thinking

They believe in holistic thinking to ensure best quality of their products. Their holistic thinking encompasses both harmonic unity of their exclusive product range as well as the complete cycle of product. This involves the entire procedure of development, production, and application of their products in the most environment friendly way. 

Partnerships window magic

They give ultimate priority to their relationship with their esteemed partners.


They offer a completely detail oriented and comprehensive system to ensure best quality of their products. This system looks after the complete development of the product as well as its sales. They carry out stringent inspections of their products to ensure their high quality. 

Operational efficiency

They also ensure high level of efficiency in the smooth operation of their products after their installation. They create such products which require less maintenance and care for their long duration. 

Time-Proven Formula System And Scientific Structure Design

They make use of Kommerling profiles in their doors and windows which has developed another perfect material compound known by the name of Komalit Z. It is an ideal blend of UPVC with highest grade of impact resistance. This type of material seems to be best suitable for the tropical climatic conditions. The window profiles which are made with Komalit Z are highly resistant towards corrosion, rotting, and brittle. This usage of advanced technology in the profiles ensures their long lasting durability and less maintenance.

They always believe in establishing pleasurable and convenient conversation with their customers. Their high end quality products are their true representation which is sufficient enough to speak about their successive growth. Some of the key practices adopted by them to ensure high customer services include the following:

The Pre-order:

The Pre order practice involves the working of their professional sales team. They organise the meetings with their customers on their respective sites of product installation. They discuss the drawings and illustrations with their customers in order to create a better understanding of their actual requirements in terms of hardware, design, glass and finish that are required to be installed. They take all the measurements and aperture for the convenience of their designing team. Thereafter, they generate the quotation of the customer after incorporating all the modifications.

The next level of work is done by their exceptionally skilled designing team and installation team after getting the confirmation of the customer on the quotation. They design the most comfortable and durable products for the customer with complete dedication.

Installation Practice:

The second major practice of this company involves installation practice in which their installation team looks after the convenient and appropriate installation of their products on the respective sites in order to achieve optimum level of customer satisfaction. Their completely magnificent world of UPVC products enables them to do so with ease and convenience. Before pursuing the final installation, their supervisor visits the site for further inspection and confirmation. Then only the work of installation can proceed. Their installation procedure involves total four stages which include:

  • The fitting of doors and windows.
  • The second stage involves fixing of various hardware including handles, multi-point locks and levers.
  • Critical scrutiny of the alignment and the adjustments of the products installation
  • Filling of silicon for additional protection and strength and then final finishing.

End to End Customer Support Service

They not only focus on creating higher levels of sale but also establishing a lifelong relation of trust, reliability and consistency with their customers. They always believe in creating customers for the life time. Apart from providing high quality products, they also look after the after sales services of all the customers. Their superior quality products cover warranty of 10 years to serve their customers in the most effective way. They are always ready to help and support their customers under any unexpected problem situation.

In case of problems related to alignment and operation of their products, they try to resolve such problem within maximum 48 hours of the complaint. In case of replacement of parts, they try to resolve it within maximum 72 hours of the complaint. In case of any unknown or unexpected event, they update their customers with the entire information they have from time to time.

Their customer satisfaction and their happiness are the major driving forces behind their smooth operation and achievement of successive growth. They continuously believe in advertising through their customers only as they are the most perfect mode of advertisement.