Established in 1947, we have over 70 years experience in manufacturing with brand recognition across India. From humble beginnings in 1960 our sole focus is to design and manufacture fans using the best materials, efficient design & performance. Our fans have been appreciated and trusted by leading architects,designers and discerning customers. By using time tested manufacturing techniques we ensure that every fan is a handmade masterpiece. Our distributors and retail partners worldwide ensure your requirements are satisfied; no matter how small or big they are.

Why choose us

Customization - Complete customization of Finish, Material and Design for Projects, Architects, Designers & Discerning clients.

Made In India - All fans made in our factory in India, right from Metal Casting to Wood Blade finishing. This allows us complete control on Quality and Design.

Powerful Motor - The largest 18 pole Ceiling Fan motor in the industry. Ultra torque and High Air delivery when required the most.

Exporting Worldwide - Our fans are regularly exported to USA, Europe and Australia; with the highest standards in Safety and Quality.

Exotic Materials - Fan blades available in Solid Teak Wood, Oak, Beach Wood and many more. Hand finished to your satisfaction.

International Design - Our Designs are based on trends in Europe & Australia, bringing you the very best of Form & Function in every fan.

International Designs - Our fan designs are as per International Design trends, offering you the most Modern Luxurious products with no compromise on performance.

TULLU Water Pumps - We are pioneers in the field of domestic water pumps. Our brand TULLU Green in well recognized all over India.

No. 1 Fan In Australia - Our fans are No. 1 in Australia as selected by CHOICE (2015-2016) for performance, low noise levels & quality

Customization - We offer the unique opportunity to Architects and Designers to customize the fans as per the requirement of the project. With our own Die, Tool and Paint Shop the possibilities are endless.

Made In INDIA - Our entire range is proudly manufacturerd in our own Factory based in the oldest living city on Earth ? Varanasi.

Exported Worldwide - Exported to Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Australia and USA. Quality goes are long way and support is assured by us at all times.

Handmade With Care And Love

Traditional time tested manufacturing techniques are used in our fans, which imparts class and spitit to the product.

And while you enjoy the gentle breeze you are satisfied and assured that you have indirectly provided livelyhood to hundreds of families, associated with us directly or indirectly.