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WILLIAM is a commitment towards its customers to provide superior products that enhance the lifestyle environment. Known for their quality and consistency William Products offer a wide variety to choose from depending on your taste and requirement.

One of the most important product in our portfolio is of decorative glass film. Our design team works with a range of inspirations to create a product assortment that can cater to any interior be it in America, Europe or Asia.

WILLIAM presents its range of POLYCARBONATE SHEETS under the name "Mr. WILSON Xtra Cool".
With an anti-UV layer for extra protection against sunlight’s UV rays it helps create a more comfortable home environment thus the name Xtra Cool.

William is globally recognized for its quality tapes that provide effective solutions for various surfaces and applications.

William Tape Price:
Protect Your Flooring @ 4rs/sq ft. 

Take advantage of protecting multiple types of flooring and counter tops with William TAPE, Surface Protection film. It's easy to use and Remove your Stress of Cleaning.
Available Grades:
FX1 - Marble/ Tile Flooring 
WX1- Wooden Flooring  
GX1 - Glass and Doors 
Cost effective & temporary way to protect Flooring from tracked in dirt, paint spills, dust, construction debris, and damage.

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WILLIAM is a vibrantly growing brand and is on continuous look out for distributors and dealers in the global marketplace. By partnering with us to bring WILLIAM to your region, you will join a network of successful businesses who see WILLIAM as an opportunity to increase sales and gain market share. We offer a complete line of quality products, an outstanding brand image, and comprehensive technical training. Our active marketing team works continuously to promote the brand and generate new leads which we then forward to our dealers.

If you are looking for a respected brand with a commitment to growth, look to WILLIAM. 

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