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White Horse Ceramic Industries has leapt forward in strengthening our position as one of the leading tile manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region. It is with immense pride that we look back at our accomplishments. Our focus on manufacturing is constantly geared towards quality improvement and product innovation. Our research and development continues to make aggressive efforts to produce new designs and ensure high product standards.

We are our biggest competitor. We must continue challenging ourselves to produce the best to remain competitive in the market.We are proud that our tile products are certified by SIRIM and MS ISO: 13006 for consistent, superior quality and reliability. We will continue our commitment in striving for excellence to keep our competitive edge.

From humble beginnings in 1991, producing only the basic "salt and pepper" tiles, White Horse is now a public listed company on the main board of the Bursa Malaysia, with three production plants - the latest being the third plant in Tanjung Langsat Industrial Estate. White Horse Ceramic Industries Sdn Bhd has also been honoured with numerous industrial certifications and international recognitions.

Utilizing high end, imported Italian machines and technologies - it is the only tile manufacturer in Malaysia capable of producing a range encompassing a broad spectrum of porcelain and ceramic tiles and accessories. White Horse Ceramic Industries Sdn. Bhd. is certainly proud to see its vision become reality.

Over 50 years of experience shows through in every shade of colour and in every Ceramic tile that White Horse has ever created. Making White Horse as the pre-eminent symbol of Ultimate Quality, Timeless Design.


Their wide range of tiles varies from homogeneous tiles to granite tiles and porcelain tiles to various decorative accessories.  All their products are a true symbol of exceptional quality standards. They make use of high quality material and standard quality control techniques to bring out the final standard quality product. Some of the significant features of their tiles which reflect their quality standard include:

Surface Abrasion / Deep Abrasion
Their tiles are resistant with surface abrasion in order to show great durability while carrying huge loads. Stain and Chemical Resistance
Apart from surface abrasion, their tiles are also resistant with chemicals and stains. They are completely hygienic and can be easily cleaned. Slip Resistance
All their floor tiles are made with higher coefficient of friction in order to make them resistant towards slipping. Thus they can be easily applied to places like lobby, pool area and many more.Modulus of Rupture (MOR)
The greater the MOR, the denser the structure of the body and result in higher breaking strength.Our facilities of 7.5 ton pressing machine from Sacmi, Italy give more mechanical strength to tile body which makes our tiles a perfect option in heavy traffic area. Water Absorption

They also fire these tiles at a temperature of 1000 degree Celsius in order to make them less absorbent towards water. They maintain this quality in all their tiles. 

Award & Certification

  1. ISO 9001 certification for quality management system.
  2. ISO 14001 certification for environment management system.
  3. ISO 13006 certification for superior quality and reliability in product range.
  4. "Super Brand Malaysia's Choice" awarded by the Super Brand.
  5. Malaysia National Creativity and Innovation Award.
  6. Reader's Digest Platinum Trusted Brand Award 2010 to 2013 in the Wall & Floor tiles category.
  7. The Brand Laureate Masters Awards 2012 - 2013 for Product Branding.
  8. Best Brand in Consumer Ceramic Floor and Wall Tiles.
  9. The Brand Laureate Masters Awards 2012 - 2013 for Product Branding.
  10. The Brand Laureate Best Brands Signature Awards 2012 - 2013 for Furnishing Ceramic Floor & Wall Tiles.
  11. Ceramic World recognized by The Malaysia Book of Records as the largest tile showroom in Malaysia.
  12. SIRIM Eco-Label certification by SIRIM QAS International in Malaysia.
  1. Green Label certification by the Singapore Environment council.
  1. ISO 9001 certification for quality management system.
  2. Taiwan certification of Environmental Protection award.
  1. TCVN 6883:2001 Vietnam certification for quality.
  2. TCVN 7134:2002 Vietnam certification for quality.
  3. TCVN 6415:1998 Vietnam certification for quality.
  4. ISO 9001:2000 certification for quality management system.
  5. The Saigon Times Top 40 Award 2004 and 2005 for Best Performing Foreign Direct Investment.
  6. Gold Awards from the Vietnamese Construction Industry in 2002 to 2005
Eco-Label & Green Label Award
White Horse was awarded the SIRIM Eco-Label certification by SIRIM QAS international in Malaysia and Green Label certification by the Singapore Environment council, making it among the first few tiles manufacturers in Malaysia to be recognized for its eco-green efforts.

White Horse uses post-industrial and post-consumer content to manufacturer eco-friendly, recycled tiles. For the production process, White Horse adopts "cool firing " Where kiln temperature peak at lower degrees to ensure less power consumption . Our manufacturing plants also use skylights and low wattage lighting to reduce electrical needs. The company has implement water capture and recycling procedures which collects more than enough water for all purposes. Eco -friendly products instead of volatile toxic chemicals are use for machinery cleaning to reduced their negative impact on the environment. At the end of the production cycle, any waste products produced are recycled by channeling them to organizations who use or recycle them.

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