Water India Delhi, India, February 2015

Confederation of Indian Industry is organizing an International Exhibition and Conference on Water from 26 to 28 February 2015. Water India 2015 is the region's premier exhibition to launch, showcase and introduce the latest innovation equipment and technologies in Water management.


India has more than 16 per cent of the World's population, but has only 4 percent of the world's renewable water resources and 2.4 percent of the world's land area. Meeting the water demands under conditions of limited resources is increasingly a big challenge.

The increase in urbanisation, paired with increasing climate change impact, is likely to have implications on ecosystem capacities.The rapid growth of urban agglomerations is posing a serious challenge to ecosystems with increasing demand/supply gaps, calling for upgrading current water system, expanding networks to accommodate the growing influx and improving delivery of services. Appropriate demand and supply side management measures therefore need to be considered to promote efficient allocation of water resources to meet growing demands, within the limits of the ecosystem.


Business opportunities revolve around four key themes viz. water demand management, water supply management, water infrastructure upgradation, and water utilities management. Under these four key themes some of the typical opportunities are:

  • Metering, instrumentation, equipment supply in the demand side-business potential of around US $ 32 billion
  • Involvement in Public Private Partnership (PPP) model with the state utilities, urban local bodies for water supply and distribution-business potential of around US $1750 billion
  • Setting up of water treatment plants, sewage and effluent treatment plant-business potential of around US $1303 billion
  • Involvement in water EPC business and providing solutions in the form of integrated water resource management for utilities-business potential of around US $ 45 billion
  • Rs. 2037 crores provided for Integrated Ganga Conservation Mission "NAMAMI GANGE".
  • Rs. 500 crore for water reforms to make Delhi a truly World Class City.
  • Rs. 50 crore provided to solve the long term water supply issues to the capital region.

The Government will continue to play a key role in driving investments by way of schemes and programmes. In the past two years 124 projects worth $ 72 billion have been sanctioned under the JNNURM.

Water India Delhi, India, February 2015