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Washington Hospital Center Er One
Washington Hospital Center Er One

Location: Washington, D.C., Dc, United States

Area: 350,000 Square Feet

Preparedness. Its a combination of deep insight and extreme foresight. For a hospital, being prepared not just for today but for the future is critical. Being ready for the unthinkable is something that must be thought through fully. It is about creating spaces that can save lives.

Project ER One originated at Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C. to develop dynamically responsive design innovations for preparedness during crisis. Emerging as a prototype model for a Level 1 Trauma Center, an ER One hospital has the flexibility to transform in the event of a catastrophic disaster or terrorist attack to treat mass casualties in a contained and safe environment. Advancing new approaches in medical preparedness for over a decade, Project ER One continues as an enduring pursuit to make hospital and emergency department design better for the future.

Although over a decade has passed since the initial ER One technical report publication was released, the innovations, concepts and thought processes of this leading-edge project continue to influence and affect emergency departments and hospital design today. During the peak of the Project ER One development, HKS Team ED Leader Dave Vincent stated, We may, in fact, be forwarding design concepts that are not ready for adoption today but likely will be adopted 10 to 15 years from now. This statement proved to be true. Technology and design thought have caught up. Design concepts developed by HKS and the Project ER One team are now commonly in use in EDs around the world.