Waptag Expo Ahmedabad 2016

WAPTAG EXPO aims to create a perfect business and networking platform for industry professionals and experts working towards a common goal: Profit with Responsibility.

Waptag is a joint effort of business community from Gujarat

Manufacturers, traders, importers and services provider engaged in activity related to water purification domestic as well as industrial water filtration plant, waste water treatment plants, domestic & industrial RO plants, water purification plants spares and chemicals all activities for safe and clean water useful to drink, farm and manufacturing process.


  • Quality Assurance
    WAPTAG commitment to provide clean drinking water and healthy lifestyle to end users.
  • Meeting/Discussions
    Quarterly meeting with all members as well as committee members. If necessary, WAPTAG can organize emergency meeting in beneficiary to individual Member.
  • Common Platform
    We provide common platform for water related business community
  • Legal Assistance
    Provide legal as well as technical assistance and group discussion activities.
  • Industry Recognition
    Our efforts will be benefited to members to provide water related business a strong industry recognition.
  • Waptag Expo Ahmedabad 2016