Vrf Sprint - Pre-Piped Vrf System Central Airconditioning Blue Star

Brand:Blue Star
BrandBlue Star


The VRF Sprint is a pre-piped, installation-friendly inverter compressor driven VRF system. The VRF Sprint Outdoor Unit (ODU) is designed to be connected to multiple indoor units of various types. The installation is very quick due to pre-piped connections from the ODU. It is suitable for various applications like residential, light commercial, offices, etc. With only one ODU catering to many indoor units, it provides superior external aesthetics as compared to multiple ODUs in case of a conventional split system. SALIENT FEATURES Quick installation ? no need of piping joints Compact and wall mounted type outdoor units Step-less capacity control with inverter compressor Low starting current Easy to service from outdoor itself with service PC Superior aesthetics Heat pump option is available for heating applications Wide operating temperature range : 10? C to 52? for cooling only model and -5? C to 52? C for heat pump model Door key and motion sensor control Flexible outdoor-indoor connectivity