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Vornado Masterplan
Vornado Masterplan
Vornado Masterplan

Location: India

Area: 329,000 Sqm

Team: Chris Lee, Kapil Gupta, Bolam Lee, Martin Jameson, Anna Shapiro, Santosh Thorat, Renu Gupta, Suril Patel

Neighborhood as Archipelago: The creation of 4 distinct neighbor hoods as independent clusters allows for the expression of diff erence between them without compromising on the coherence of the Master Plan. This is a crucial concept as it allows for 4 different visions by different architects to be projected within the scheme.

Strong Sense of Community: is established by the division of the site into 4 identifiable and distinctively smaller neighborhoods.

Highly Flexible Master Plan: Each project phase is distinct and complete neighborhood, the master plan also becomes highly flexible as it allows for changes in density, unit type and housing strategy while maintaining coherence.

Distnctive Architecture: A dynamic massing is achieved through a rich mix of high-rise towers of varying heights and two types of low-rise courtyards blocks that are stepped along the site contours. The dramatic simplicity and proportions of the square plan creates distinctive and memorable architecture.

Well-differentiated Landscape Strategy: that creates a strong gradation of well shaded zones from communal to private spaces that allow for a multitude of outdoor configurations and scales from playgrounds to communal gardens, from dense tree buffers along the edge of each neighborhood to private courtyards.

Views and Privacy: The staggered massing of tower and courtyard blocks ensures favorable views from each apartment to the hills around the site and within the site itself.