Voila Home founded by Mr. Ramesh Nagpal was an ex-serviceman. Started Voila Home as Reevanjli Furnishers Pvt. Ltd. in April 1987.

A beautiful home full of comfort is the need as well as desire of everyone and to own a home filled with beauty and comfort, it is very essential for that home to be equipped with the best-suited furnishings. Voila Home provides specially designed furnishings to convert the dream of every individual of having a beautiful home into reality. Voila Home produces all the furnishings of ceiling, floor, walls, furniture, etc. in innovative designs full of comfort and luxury. They give a great importance to the simplicity of the furnishings, making them more functional and practical. While designing the products, they keep in their mind the likes, uses and needs of their customers so that each one can get furnishings in his personalized way. They also give importance to the comfort level of the products and prepare goods of the best quality.

This brand is the outcome of his passion for the furniture and its design. He worked hard to produce the best furnishings and his son Mr. Nitin Nagpal took this work ahead. They utilize the best materials and the latest technology for manufacturing of the products and create goods of innovative design and better functioning. They give importance to design, quality, comfort and luxury so that each and every requirement of the customers are fulfilled making them satisfied and happy.

Our Strength

Voila Home uses machines of latest technology and machines of international standards for fast and better production of goods and at the same time there are various hand craft products made by trained craftsmen.  They give special value to the quality of the goods and timely delivery of the products. The whole process takes place under careful observation from the beginning of manufacturing to the final delivery, to keep every aspect of the products perfect so that customers get the best furnishings.

Future Plans

Voila Home aims to produce more comfortable and more stylish furnishing goods in the near future. They are working to make such goods are more innovative and unique in design and style, more ornamental and luxurious with the increase in comfort level. They are also planning to prepare products that are more portable. They have plans of expanding their reach by opening more stores in the areas of Delhi and NCR.


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