They are specialized in Swimming Spas, luxury Spas, steam shower cabins, bathroom steam showers, home steam sauna rooms, whirlpool baths and infrared saunas. They are highly reputed and established itself as one of the leading brands in spa and swimming spa in Europe and UK. Their wide range of products and highly responsive customer services makes them one of the trusted brands for customers.

They provides a wide range of products that include high quality Swimming Spas, luxury Spas, steam shower units, Smart Pools and Saunas which are designed to install in varied types of bathroom or home. All its products such as steam shower rooms, Spas, whirlpool baths and far infrared saunas are offered in varied shapes and sizes.

They provide designer products at competitive prices that are in wide range and are the trusted products used by its various customers. They are backed by the sanitary ware industry and by the feedback of its customers. They advised you to first read their buyers guide and then purchase the related product. They have a team of professionals that work closely with manufacturers and service team to produce quality products. They had developed whirlpool bath buyer’s guide, infrared sauna buyer’s guide and steam shower buyer’s guide.

Vivendi® specialises in luxury Spas, Swimming Spas. bathroom steam showers, steam shower cabins, home steam sauna rooms, infrared saunas and whirlpool baths. Vivendi has established itself as one of the leading Spa/Swimming Spa suppliers in the UK and Europe. A combination of unrivalled product knowledge, friendly customer service and our exclusive product range makes Vivendi the first choice for customers.

Vivendi UK provides an exclusive range of high quality, luxury Spas, Swimming Spas, Smart Pools,steam shower units and Saunas designed to be installed in any type of bathroom or home improvement. A select range of Spas, steam shower rooms, far infrared saunas and whirlpool baths in a variety of shapes and sizes almost certainly guarantees that you’ll find something to meet your tastes and requirements.

Recognition from trusted brands in the home improvement sector shows our commitment to providing designer products at competitive prices. Industry recognition such as this is proudly backed by feedback from our customers.

Before you start shopping on Vivendi, we highly recommend that you read through our exclusive buyers guides. Our technical team have worked closely with our manufacturers and customer services team to develop the steam shower buyer’s guide, infrared sauna buyer’s guide and whirlpool bath buyer’s guide. With an endless selection of suppliers across the internet, it can be very difficult to sift through suppliers that don’t quite “cut the mustard.”

So why should you buy from Vivendi

Guarantee - All products sold within the Vivendi range come complete with a 2 year parts guarantee as standard. We also work to keep a back catalogue of all parts available to dispatch immediately should you need them.

Value for Money - Vivendi provides high quality Spas, steam shower rooms, whirlpool baths and far infrared saunas at competitive internet prices. We know that were not the cheapest supplier in the marketplace, but we feel that our prices are great value for money in comparison to the product quality and customer service you can expect to receive.

Technical Support and Servicing - Vivendi provides a technical support team that can answer any queries regarding installation, general product questions and unit maintenance. Our live online chat service is available through the website, as is our email messaging service. If youd like to chat with someone simply call 0800 020 9506 (UK) and + 44 1228 586232 ( Overseas) and we will do our best to help.

High Quality - The build quality of steam showers will be determined by the materials used to construct the steam cabin including the acrylic, metals and glass used throughout the steam cabin. Vivendi sets the standard by having quality at the forefront of our priority list. If a unit doesnt meet our quality standards, it doesnt carry a Vivendi badge.

Materials Matter - The acrylic used on all of our cabins is high quality, fade-proof, easy clean, scratch resistant and reinforced with fibreglass as standard. Furthermore, the main fixtures on our Spas, steam cabins and shower pods are made from aluminium fixings and chrome coated brass instead of the cheap coated plastic found on many inferior steam rooms and shower enclosures. Thats just one of the examples please read our steam shower buyers guide for more details.

Easy Installation - Many customers ask us whether a Vivendi steam shower installation is difficult. A Vivendiproduct arrives onsite in a flat packed kit form designed to easily go through doorways and upstairs with ease. Any plumber or bathroom engineer with shower installation experience will be able to handle the install process of a Vivendi product , far infrared sauna or whirlpool bath without any problems.

Safety - All of Vivendis steam shower cabins and steam baths feature an RCD (Residual Current Device) to ensure user safety. Our steam cabins will cease operation if the RCD detects anything out of the ordinary for example a short circuit, no water supply or other functional problem. Having an RCD is a regulation standard for products such as this to ensure the safety of the user.

Product Exclusivity - Steam showers are our speciality You wont find Vivendis steam shower rooms, steam saunas or whirlpool baths for sale anywhere else across the UK. The entire Vivendi range has been handpicked by our team of talented bathroom designers, aiming to meet both practical and aesthetic needs.

Certified - You can rest assured that all Vivendi products have been certified under the ISO 9001 system of quality assurance, ISO 14001 International quality assurance whilst carrying all necessary CE certificates and ETL SEMKO certificates for electrical safety added peace of mind as standard with every product.

A word from our staff

Its difficult making a final buying decision for such a significant purchase simply from the text you read on a website. We encourage you to read our buyers guides, watch our videos, read our customer feedback and view our entire product range in detail. The objective of is help build confidence with our customers whilst helping you understand our products.

Vivendi pays close attention to quality and aesthetic appeal whilst keeping pace with the natural progression of technology in computerised steam rooms, steam cabin pods, hydro-massage whirlpool bathtubs, infrared home saunas and conventional sauna combination units. Buying from Vivendi is more than just choosing a cabin that suits your sizes and needs its about choosing a product that is going to make a difference to your lifestyle. For more information, please take the time to read about the benefits of steam.

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