Vivek Rathore

Vivek Rathore

Principal Architect and founder is a graduate from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee. From its inception he has steered the design processes for every project in the studio, to drive it towards design excellence. At core Mr Rathore is guided by values of Indian Culture and Patriotism. His principles of Sustainable design and responsibilities towards community and client are well understood in large commercial projects, hospitality projects and public places. His pursuance of dharma through design has driven many clients to interpret the architecture as a sensible response to a society in need than architecture for greed.

He is also the pioneer to introduce the concepts of Biophyllic In love with nature_ design in architecture.

The works of Mr Vivek Rathore have been internationally and nationally recognised with many awards for design excellence and sustainability. He is also a visiting faculty at IIT-Roorkee. He has also been participating as an honorary panellist for dynamic discussions on sustainable development across the media programs in the city.

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Vivek Rathore