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Vivanta By Taj Surya
Vivanta By Taj Surya
Vivanta By Taj Surya

Location: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

The Taj Surya Coimbatore presents guests with a warm and contemporary design tour de force from the moment they cross the threshold with its dramatic elliptical lobby whose centerpiece is a large water feature and seating element, above which resides a monumentally scaled chandelier representing rain falling from the sky above. Like ripples in a pond, concentric bands of exotic marbles radiate out from this central feature and include shards of stone that echo the rays of the sun and hearken back to the namesake of the hotel, Surya(sun).

All elements of the lobby space are in orbit around this central feature including the front desk and its glowing onyx feature walls that are lit from within and create a dramatic curvilinear focal point on the central axis of the lobby. Custom 10 high bronze screens set in warm marble surrounds throughout the lobby perimeter offer guests veiled views to the surrounding areas of the hotel beyond. Passages to adjacent areas are framed with free standing sculptural wood portals that act as gateways inviting guests to enter and explore the other amenities of the hotel.

Woven upholstery, warm accents and saffron toned window treatments with intricate patterns reflect the roots of Coimbatore as the Manchester of South India and its large and vibrant textile industry while recalling some of the spices used in the flavorful foods of the region.