Since 1959, Visionnaire Home are manufacturing sofas, beds, armchairs, sofa-beds and complements of "high-design" in order to satisfy advanced and demanding public, who tries to express their need and desire through these products. In 1959 by will of Pompeo and Vittorio Cavalli, Imbottiture Prodotti Espansi was born with padding and expansion products; the company is spread in 6.000 sqm in the vicinity of Bologna. But in 1959 they came with Polyurethane; chemical materials, soft and resilient, which permitted abandoning of the use of springs, horse hair, wool and other materials. This therefore revolutionised the construction system of the sofas, beds and also the seats of automobiles. It was one of the very first companies to adopt this new method. They always believed in manufacturing quality products satisfying the need and requirement of its customers and clients. The production units are equipped with high tech machineries and latest technology to produce international quality products. Making innovative products in an optimum way is what company focuses.

The company celebrated 50 years in 2009, indented to create, invents project courageous entrepreneurial spirit. They believe in providing personalized project of Furniture and Architecture by the use of technology focusing on comfort, innovation and emotions. Its products are direct towards people without age's limit, distinguished by curiosity and enthusiasm for their own life. The company has its presence in more than 50 countries in the world through three Registered Trade Mark Brands, which give to its collections the names.

Something about Visionnaire
Visionnaire is the dream of a world that expresses a nearly-Baroque decorative quest, the sophistication of materials and the excellence of form. Just as in an ancient residence, the spirit of the environments plays with the hidden, multi-faceted, unconscious side of the individual.
It also designs interiors following an absolutely personal, is a dream of the opposite, in which mystery and the night seem to find some peace in the milky glare of the day but it's only an impression, this time is not that of reality.

Its Streamlined Collection is designed for the contemporary house work. It is a design and interior decoration project that evolves further by creating a big family of the "Sensitive Items". An abacus of soft, fascinating, familiar items, feminine, signs, materials and colors deriving from the variegated book of the living memory, which traces down to atmospheres of a more or less distant past. These items reflect the complicated and articulated connections that exist today among fashion, design and art. In this way your house becomes a place to be interpreted following your own flair and sensitivity, experiencing different kind of juxtapositions, creating very charming domestic furnishings.

It often happens that the vehicle on which we travel justifies the very fact of travelling. Inspired by sporting design and emotion, they have developed a concept dedicated to means of locomotion, which they define as "luxury sport". You can now live in large spaces consecrated towards comfort and dynamics, which create emotion for the duration of a voyage, can now be experienced on a day to day basis.
Even the suitcases become modular elements simulating a luxurious waiting room. Other elements are inspired from the world of luxury automobiles. It declares luxury without vulgarity, oriented towards comfort and an entertaining sobriety. The coherence of this family business since three generations is the result of a constant flow of information within a team of people who dedicate their skills experience to offer Emotions and InnovationsThey possess 50 years of experience in quality and research. The company is not only specialized in domestic furniture, but also has a great experience in contract solutions mostly in hotel and shipping interiors. They are ISO 9001 VISION European Certified. Through long years of dedication and commitment they have consolidated experience and the will of continual experimentations.

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