VIN was one of the early starters in LED Technology in India. Founded in 2005, it was probably the first company in India to introduce LED Lighting to India. Over the years, VIN has improved its products and services to suit Indian conditions and meet customer expectations. With its experience over the past many years, VIN today has LED Lighting solutions for an entire range of functional lighting applications.

VIN has an in house R&D center approved by DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research), Govt. of India and complete factory set up to produce products from Concept to Execution. We maintain the best in class quality standards to offer our customers High Quality energy efficient LED Lighting solutions.

As the leading Innovator in the LED lighting Industry, VIN has a proven track record of helping you to realize the potential business benefits of LED Lighting Technology.
VIN provides the most versatile, best in class and cost effective LED Lighting solutions for various applications.

VIN's Production Team comprises of more than 100 people. VIN has state-of-the-art automated machines to produce high precision LED components. Our well trained and skilled work force ensures that only the best products reach you. Our strong R&D Team ensures that we offer you innovative products from time to time. All products undergo strict quality checks.
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Mumbai
  • ISO9001:2008 certified
  • In house R&D
  • Complete solution from DESIGN to PACKAGE
  • Production capacity : 450,000 units
  • Automated production line
  • Strict Quality Check
Discover a new way to experience light.

Light-emitting diodes, known as LEDs, have existed more than 40 years, but only recent innovation and technology advances have made them bright enough to provide useful lighting in commercial and residential settings. Because the special semiconductor chips are made from ultra-high-purity materials under tightly controlled conditions, LEDs today:

  • Are able to sustain high light output under demanding operating conditions.
  • Do not burn out instantaneously like normal light bulbs, but rather degrade over a period of many years or even decades of continuous operation, thus enabling nearly maintenance-free operation.
  • Are extremely efficient at converting electric power into visible light (currently up to 5x more efficient than standard light bulbs) as well as producing no infrared light that provides the warming effect experienced with normal filament-type bulbs
This high efficiency not only means lower energy consumption for the lighting itself, but less secondary heat generation leading to substantial savings in air conditioning costs as well.

After faithfully burning brightly for 5 to 10 years and only losing 20% to 30% of their initial brightness, when it does come time to take a LED fixture out of service, one can safely and easily dispose of it through normal means. The tiny semiconductor chip is safely encapsulated and does not contain harmful materials such as lead or mercury that can be damaging to human health and the environment.

Our Vision

To become a highly respectful, knowledge based innovative global enterprise in LED Lighting manufacturing segment.

We stand for Leadership Position of Excellence for our quality products and aim to be a Global player in improving the quality of Human life.

We believe that, this endeavor is a continuous process, and strive hard to evolve and excel in every part of our activity. We stand for what we say and what we do, with total commitment driven by our Values and Principles.

Our vision sets out the framework and objectives for the future, and directs everyone in the organization towards achieving the set goals.

Our aim is to be a growing company, driven by experiencing the true sense of self-respect with a high level of integrity.

Creative translation of 'Innovative Ideas' with a vision of 'Powerful Future' is our ambition.

Our Mission

To find fulfillment at every step, by continually improving the quality of human life.

To be a successful Global Company, by enabling People and Businesses to realize their full potential.

To build integrity, fairness with high performance in whatever we do, and be a respected corporate citizen.

We stand by our statement and will achieve our mission by:

  • Focusing on Quality Deliverance as the core competency of our business process
  • Being a Customer Centric Organization, with continuous value addition
  • Embracing ' Continual Improvement ' as a practice, in all our Business operations
  • Nurturing 'Breakthrough ideas' with our 'Industry wisdom' and delivering the best possible solution through our 'Knowledge Management
  • Holding the true sense of self-respect in whatever we do, both in terms of an individual Associate and Organization as a whole

Above all, we measure our success in terms of the positive contributions we have made in the lives of people.