Vileroy & Boch, Headquartered in Mettlach in Saarland, is the ceramics manufacturing company founded in 1748. It is a 265 years old company having its presence in 125 countries around the world and has 15 production facilities in Mexico, Europe and Thailand. The company deals in Bathroom & Wellness and Tableware offering a wide range of products with a complete solution for customers, designers and architects.

If you see the "Bathroom and Wellness" division you will find that it does not only offer ceramic bathroom collections in a variety of styles but also offers coordinated fittings, high-class bathroom furniture and accessories. The range with its innovative bath, shower and whirlpool systems is an impressive blend of quality and state-of-the-art technology.

Whereas if you see the "Tableware Division" it comprises the complete range of products for a perfectly laid table like crystal ware and cutlery, top-quality dinner services, a rich assortment of products with its respective accessories and gift items.


It is one of the oldest companies in the world. With over 265 years of experience the company is still performing as it did in the past with full of zest, enthusiasm and commitment towards the goal. The most important factor what led company stand away from the other brands is Innovation. All its products are user-friendly with a strong aesthetic appeal which makes everyday life convenient. Sustainability is at the forefront of its innovation activities. In 2004, they received the German Business Innovation Award.


They believe in doing sustainable activities by combining ecology and economy successfully. They focus on improving raw material efficiency and energy. Also, conserving resources by optimizing production processes and reducing the pollutant content in effluent wastes. Reducing the CO2 emissions and other waste gases from the production processes is what the company also focus on. You will find that they are committed towards environmental protection. Today, customers focus on environment friendly products, which allow customers to contribute actively towards environment protection. 


You will find that in many areas they have the environmental standards required by law. For example the sanitaryware factory Mettlach and the Swedish factory Vargada have fulfilled the stringent European criteria to achieve the EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) environment standard and have been certified with ISO 14001.


At many levels Protection of the environment is a commitment for the Company. The company has come up with a number of differing projects in collaboration with the partner companies in the fields of art and science. They reach people through trade fairs, exhibitions and campaigns.