Vikas Parthipan

Vikas ParthipanAn inspirational architect with the sense and sensibilities of modern design Vikas Parthipan completed his masters degree in architectural design from the University of Nottingham, UK. His decision to be a part of the creative and design sector was majorly inspired by his father who had a keen sense of creativity with respect to his surroundings, apart from being an interior designer himself. Starting his expedition in the design world commenced at the school of architecture SRM University in the 2003. The internship at Vinnuponappa associates (Dimentions Bangalore) shaped his outlook towards contemporary and minimalist design thus creating a strong base to what turned to be his strong influence to design approach. Wanting to gain more knowledge and exposure in design he went to pursue his post graduation in England.

His experience at the University and travelling in and around Europe helped him understand different styles and outlook of design with respect to the local context. His return to India probed him to make a difference and stand out as an architect creating unique designs for his clients.

He currently works as an associate architect handling residential and commercial designs in DesignQube. With work experience from Natraj and Venkat architects, Chennai and Hestia design studio, Bangalore he is able to work effectively and has a long history of working in all stages of a project. He believes in team work and also enjoys being a part of a team. An eye for detail and quality has always been his priority. In his role as an architect with NVA he excelled in handling several projects namely individual residencies, villas, group developments, institutions, interiors and landscape design. He was involved in the design and execution of residential apartments for all the top builders in the city along with private residences and commercial buildings. He has a keen interest in working on individual residences as it invokes is sense of fine detailing.

First love being architecture, Music has always been an integral part of his life. A close second is his love for travelling and photography. He also adds this quote by Lil Wayne I dont see any harm in being addicted to success.

Work Experience

Architecture - Associate

Education Details

University of Nottingham
M, Arch Architectural Design | 2008 - 2009
SRM University
B, Arch Architecture | 2003 - 2008

Personal Details

Vikas Parthipan