Vertical Blinds



Marvel, Vertical Blinds offer unprecedented design freedom and have a vital role in determining and defining the overall look of your Office & Home.

Marvel Vertical Blinds are practical, Stylish and they offer great control over how much light is filtered into a room.

Available in 103 fabric Blackout , Translucent & screen fabric for any type of sunlight adjustment.

Feature & benefit
Vertical blinds are the traditional window treatment for sliding glass doors and large windows. Available in a wide variety of styles and materials, our vertical window blinds can suit almost any decor requiring a functional yet elegant window treatment solution. Whether you are looking for energy efficiency, light control or simply to preserve a beautiful view, these blinds are the versatile solution for your homes large windows..
Vertical Blind
low maintenance, easy cleaning & care
flexible light control
practically priced and kid proof

Cleaning & Care
Remove dust from the blinds.

Clean each blind slat with the damp washcloth. Wipe both the front and back of each slat. Clean the cords the same way.

Clean the blinds regularly. Dusting at least once a month can keep the dust and dirt from building up on the slats of the blinds.
Elegant fabric
best on large windows, sliding/patio doors
Normally associated with larger windows and sliding doors, custom vertical blinds also work great for medium and smaller windows. For window treatments mounted inside a window frame, vertical blinds that gather on one or both sides (versus the top), can provide a bit more 'viewable' space at the top of a window than a horizontal blind.