Ventrilla was established in the year 1995 in Bangalore, is a renowned brand of Megavent Technologies Pvt Ltd. It offers excellent performance and high quality range of Industrial Tools and Protective Equipments that include Tubular Telescopic Cover, Telescopic Covers, Link Apron Covers, Way Wipers, Roll Away Covers, Industrial Bellows and many more. Ventrilla is a unique three-tier heavy duty umbrella which is designed and manufactured by Megavent Technologies Pvt Ltd.

They are now more diversified into Telescopic Swimming Pool Enclosures and other retractable enclosures including roof enclosures, car enclosures, patio enclosures etc. All this is imported from ALUKOV. HZ, best manufacturer of Pool Enclosures. It ranks among the leading manufacturers of swimming pool and whirlpool enclosures in the Czech Republic offering quality products.