Established in 1967 in Biancade, in the province of Treviso, the business changed its name to Veneta Cucine Spa in 1978. Veneta Cucine is a 40-year old company. The founder of the company is a perfect example of a designer with entrepreneurial flair. It is moreover a family business now with the founder's children, as well as a team of managers, working alongside with their own specific roles and portfolios.

Over the years, the business transformed itself from a local enterprise to an international brand. The Veneta Cucine group is the largest manufacturer of kitchens in Italy.

The group comprises of 500 staff in an area of 90.000 square meters covering the industrial space that is divided between the production along with managerial complex in Biancade (Treviso) and woodworking factory in Codissago - Longarone (Belluno). Based on 7 different frames they generate 300 options of varying colours and materials. They also offer customised products, so that each year around 60,000 kitchens enter the market. In 2008 they introduced counter tops, shelves, kitchen counters and doors.


To produce kitchens by making a craftsman's expertise available to new trends and to render design an accessible value.

Quality Standards

 For its occupational health and safety system in 2013 they received OHSAS 18001:2007. In 2012, they implemented an environmental management system that adhered to ISO 14001 standards. They work on their production methodologies adhering to regulations limiting harmful emissions. The elements that are used in making of kitchens are built of wood, which is 100% recycled.

In 2006, they introduced water-based varnish. It is a high-performance, quality varnish that drastically reduces toxic emission. It also holds ISO 9001 Certification, issued by the prestigious German organization, TUV.

Quality Management System. UNI EN ISO 9001

Environment Management System. UNI EN ISO 14001

Occupational health and safety Management System. OHSAS 18001:2007
Green Thinking

Green Thinking

They believe in developing and manufacturing environmental friendly products that are sustainable towards environment. They employ 100% recycled wood composites for the elements that make up the kitchens. Also they, use production methods such as continuous-cycle water-based painting with extremely low emissions of harmful substances. With ?Green Thinking? they help to reduce pollution and protect the user's health.