Vehant Technologies formerly known as KritiKal SecureScan, pioneer in indigenously developed Physical Security, Surveillance and Traffic Monitoring Systems, designed and developed its state of the art products and solutions to meet the demands of global standards, features, quality and continuously changing technology. Vehant Technologies is the KritiKal Group company which was incubated from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Delhi in the year 2002.

Vehant Technologies is the leading manufacturer of Under Vehicle Scanning Systems (UVSS) in India and catering the requirements of all verticals. Vehant aims to provide comprehensive solution to its customers, carry out research and explore technologies in the area of security, surveillance and monitoring space.

Vehant manufactures its cutting-edge products and solutions for the real world, based on its deep understanding of global security issues and challenges. Vehant has designed & developed a range of increasingly integrated security and monitoring products to create complete solution stack tailored to individual requirements.

Kritikal SecureScan caters the Premises security, Traffic enforcement & City/Border survellance requirement across all domains incluing Government, Railways, Corporate etc.