Vastu Shastra Or Fengshui, What To Choose?

Which Is Better, Vastu Shastra Or Fengshui? Know The Science Of These Remedies First..

Feb 17, 2015

Vastu - The Art of Living Foundation

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Have you ever been advised to change the design of your house for your well-being, happiness, and prosperity or has the design of your house been blamed for your failures, ill health, and miseries in your life? Well, you may have shrugged off those advices from your friends, self-proclaimed Vastu experts, and professional Vastu consultants. Some of these may not be true even, but for ages now Vastu Shastra, has been a primary consideration and a dominant factor in construction, especially of residential properties. Vastu is India's ancient science used in the architecture that is believed to promote healthy living!

Feng Shui-Oriental Art for Enhancement

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Feng-Shui is the science and art of designing your house in a way that the "chi" or energy flows smoothly in and around it. In China, Feng Shui dates back to 4,000 years; it is also believed that Feng-Shui helps ward off demons from the homes, especially from the tombs.

According to Chinese experts "Chi" or energy flows through every living being. The belief that the flow of energy, especially in particular ways, and from specific sides/places, and promotes health and enhances life style has made this science very popular and has been practiced rigorously. As days passed the use that the Fend Shui became so popular that its followers have even created the Bagua, in which even small items like art and furniture were placed as per Feng Shui. In the 1970s Grand Master Lin Yun took Feng Shui to America and it became popular there as well.

The Similarities of Vastu and Feng Shui

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Some even believe Vastu and Feng Shui are similar like both dwell on five elements. Vastu is the combination of Air, Wind, Water, Fire and Sky and Feng Shui combines five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wood and Metal. In both the sciences the belief is the building should be built on a north-south direction for healthy living and prosperity. In fact, there are strong sources that claim Vastu to be the source of Feng Shui itself. History states, Indian Emperor Ashoka had sent scholars to East Asia and Southeast Asia to spread the magnificent culture of India to embrace the local endemic cultures.

The Differences between Vastu and Feng Shui

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  ?Yes both are ancient, and there is one school that goes a step ahead in believing that Feng Shui is descendent of Vastu, but there still are differences between them. Vastu Shastra sits on the energy obtained from the nine planets while Feng Shui determines the planets as part of distributing energy. Feng Shui follows the five elements, that that include wood and metal. 

While in Vastu the five elements are Wood and metal are part of earth. The other differences between them are:

  • In Vastu Keeping fish in aquarium is not recommended, while Feng Shui allows
  • Vastu does not allow caging animals like rabbits, hamsters or birds. 
  • Vastu not only uses ancient science, but modern science like astronomy and astrology as well. Feng Shui uses only traditional methodologies based on the geographical map.


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Vastu dwells on the principles of the 'Paanchbhootas' or the five elements for health, happiness and prosperity. Feng Shui on the other hand dwells on the flow of 'Chi' or energy flow within us and our surroundings. Feng Shui also follows two other elements of Yin and Yan. Yin is feminine for passive energy and Yan is masculine for heat. Feng Shui is basically for providing better health. So for the betterment of space they both are effective but the choice is yours which one to go with.
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