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Vasant Lawn World School
Vasant Lawn World School
Vasant Lawn World School
Vasant Lawn World School

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Area: 1.85 Acres

Project Started: 2011

The Vasant Lawn World Schools are developed & established as a multitude of Institutions in Urban & Semi-urban areas, with an international, curriculum of IGCSE until class 10 & IB diploma for class 11 & 12.

The School is made of Nine Components -

  • Classroom Clusters (Jr., Middle & Sr. School)
  • Center for Humanities & Social Studie
  • Center for Science
  • Library
  • Center for Arts
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Dining & Catering Facility
  • Administration Area
  • Outdoor Games.

The introduction of a vertical typology (due to smaller urban plots) allows for an otherwise spread-out campus to be stacked one above the other.

Each of these Components is therefore developed as self-contained units, with all required functional areas, Stores, Toilets, Staircases, etc. & Lobby. Each Component is unique: as an expression of its individual functional requirements, scales, volumes, etc.

At the same time, each is Similar - in the articulation of their architectural language, of their materials, details and elements.

Each of these Components in turn, Plug-in into the combined structure of the School - appropriately adjacent to each other in terms of their function. Thereby, the Senior School is located at the higher levels of the building - plugging - into the Science Center & adjacent to the Library. Similarly, the Junior School allows for easy access to its own little Tot - lot play area & its location addresses the fact that they have the shortest day at the School. The facility thus emerges clustered around a series of multi-level common spaces (atriums/terraces/etc) with a non-repetitive floor-plate, expressing the concept of additive growth & of sharing.