Varsha Sadanand Pawar

Varsha Sadanand Pawar

Varsha Sadanand Pawar, comes from business family and is a born entrepreneur. She is known for innovative business strategies and conceptualization of ideas. While she was abroad with Sadanand and their little daughter Anushka during 2001, she decided to start her own business post her return to India. Prior to her business venture, she was in the noble field of teaching.

In 2007, she inked her first business venture (Now known as SVA GROUP) formed to cater the services in two main verticals; Catering Business and Turnkey Interior Projects respectively. As she paved her path, she encouraged her husband Sadanand to join the family business that gave new momentum and the revenue grew eventually.

Varsha has taste of design and ambience, which helps SVA GROUP to decide on best output on their various projects.

SVA Group has worked with various retail brands such as Flipkart, Cafe Coffee Day, Jashn, Om Veda, Reliance Fresh, Apps Daily, Celio, Reid & Taylor, Reliance CDIT, Dunhill, Belmonte, Bombay Dyeing, Mc Donalds, Asian Paint, Reliance Trent and many more. SVA Group is also on Panel of Central Bank of India, ICICI Bank and Dena Bank.

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Varsha Sadanand Pawar