Varmora Granito Pvt. Ltd. is a ceramic conglomerate, headquartered in Morbi, Gujarat, with an annual turnover of about 54 million USD. Mr. Bhavesh Varmora with several entrepreneurs saw a vision to incept successful ceramic tile corporation that would set new standards for excellence and exquisiteness. It started with a small tile plant in 1993, later within a span of 17 years it progressed with giant strides as a massive nationwide corporation of Wall, Floor, Porcelain and Vitrified Tiles.

They are ISO 9001: 2000 certified manufacturing around 50,000 sq. mtrs. Per day of Wall, Floor, Porcelain and Vitrified tiles. The plant sources its expertise from the world leader Sacmi, Italy and Itaca Spain with advanced Italian machinery capable of sustaining production quality and strength. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Bhavesh Varmora, the group comprises of 125 highly qualified professionals nationwide with 700 plus dealers and more than 5000 retail outlets with 20 branch offices across the country.

The company also has display centers at metropolitan cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Surat, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and many more, and depots in major cities. At present, they export to more than seven countries in South Africa, Middle East, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, etc.


If you find any problem regarding the products or any type of query these technical support locations guide you-

  1. Sacmi - Italy,
  2. Kexinda - China,
  3. Itaca - Spain,
  4. System - Italy,
  5. Techno Italia - Italy,
  6. Johnson Matthey - Italy,
  7. Vidres - Spain

The group visions at creating the enterprise on par with the best in world. They use advanced Italian machinery, which is capable of producing innovative designs and products. The production unit is equipped with latest manufacturing processes and technology to manufacture great products with an aesthetic appeal and strength that lasts a lifetime.

All VARMORA tiles are expertise from Ukraine ball-clay mixed in fully-automated weighing and feeding systems. The raw material is then ground in ball mills. They use ultra modern 6400 MT technology that presses with ISO static punches, from SACMI (Italy) with technical collaboration from ITACA (Spain) ensuring minimum moisture in the raw material.

Ball Mill
A Ball mill is used to mix different raw material to make a homogenous slip for the spray drier.

The capacity that the Ball Mill has is 32 tons raw material, 16 tons of water and 45 tons of 85% of alumina pebbles. The milling hour is 6 hours to give the homogenized slurry for the spray drier.

Generally, what you will find is the composition of the raw material is white fired ball clay imported from Russia, Potash feldspar of 12% to 14% Alkalies, quartz of 99% Silica, Soda feldspar of 12% to 14% alkalies, china clay, strengthening agent and body stains imported from Itaca Spain. They have a total 6 Ball Mills, hence making the daily production of slurry more than 300 tons.

Roller Kiln
Kiln is generally used to vitrify the dried tile to give final size and the fired properties like final shape, size, color, stain resistance, water absorption, less porosity and fired strength.

The tiles are fired to 1200 Co with a soaking time of 8 min in 1200 Co. with 58 cycles, the production is around 8500 m2/day.

The main function of the Press is to give the shape of tile from the granules.

The tile is compacted using ph 6200 hydraulic press with a specific pressure of 360 kg/cm2. The green tile is passed through a 5-layer horizontal to remove the residual moisture uniformly & also to give dry strength so the tile is able to move in the glazing line.


The company has expanded its global presence in countries like USA, UK, Trinidad, Tobago, Middle East, Kenya, Nigeria, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Turkey and many other nations. They are expanding the business by constantly adding new destinations in the map.


Listening is creating is our idea of excellence. We never get tired of listening to what our customers want because it is the only way towards achieveing creative excellence that is functional. Listening to us is state of mind, which is continuously evolving to challenge and push the limits of excellence..

As pioneers in the ceramic industry, we stand committed for...

Creating excellence through technology to foster the best products and services that fit rational as well as aesthetical purposes.

Transcending our expectations towards our employees in respect to redefine the levels of their performance and intelligence with a clear perspective of passion to outclass

Iso 9000-2000

3 M India

Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute

Shriram Insitute For Industrial Research

Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute