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Vandan Corporative
Vandan Corporative

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Vandan Corporative is a high-end residential building in Valkeshwar that will tower over the Mumbai skyline providing gorgeous views of the ocean and also of Marine Drive bay. The building was painstakingly designed adhering to the wisdom of the Vedic principle of Vastu, the ancient Hindu science of construction.

Besides having various amenities such as a luxurious pool, gym and party area, Vandan will boast a lobby akin to that of a five star hotel with ceilings more than 28 feet high. It will provide ample parking for the residents and also separate access points for service staff and lots of outdoor landscped space.

TPA's signature of cool clean lines and landscaped balcony spaces is showcased here in this elegant building, promising to make it an iconic glistening tower in the skyline of Mumbai.