Vaishali Shankar

Vaishali ShankarVaishali leads by example. Her strong technical skills and her drive for perfection are a significant part of the DNA of SJK Architects.

She joined the firm soon after a research programme at IIT-Mumbai on climate and energy conscious architecture, a subject that she is deeply passionate about, and believes that "Architecture, like Man, must gently tread the Earth,...... for the Earth endures". A strong pillar of the organization, the success and learning from executing a wide array of projects at SJK has allowed her to hone her interest and skill at energy conscious architecture.

Engaging with diverse range of projects, she has worked on the architectural design and execution of large educational school and college buildings as well as the overall master planning of the campus, furthering issues like water management systems. A big challenge on these projects was also a modest budget. Another landmark project was the Karur factory, where entire vaults were constructed with mud hollow blocks for insulation. Recently treading into Hospitality, where she has completed a Hotel at Rajkot, and is commencing one at Bodhgaya, Vaishali has shown her flair for a systems approach to design where team work, detailing and budgets ensure the success of good design.

In sharp contrast to large institutional projects, she has also worked on several high end commercial projects. The design of a diamond - inspired showroom for a jewelry brand or the design and detailing of a "weave" - inspired screen for Synergy lifestyle portray her love for detail.

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Vaishali Shankar