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Right from the beginning, our mission is to deliver quality solutions and exceed customer expectations. PVC-U industry is relatively new in India and Vadodara Windows is committed to upgrade customers by setting examples and raise industry standards.

We are passionate about bringing quality, knowhow, innovation and the beauty of PVC-U windows & doors. Indian market has been dogged by poor quality fusion welding, lack of reinforcements, improper understanding of the uses of PVC-U material and untrained factory staff. It is our determination and passion about providing world-class aspirational products that drives Vadodara Windows to levels of excellence.

We design, manufacture and install PVC-U windows and doors based on European standards. Our finest quality of workmanship is backed with 30+ years of experience in manufacturing and technical know-how.

Our manufacturing facility uses the most advanced and leading software 'Windowmaker'. It helps us to make windows that are of correct size, appropriate drainage and air pressure equalisation holes, automatic choice of fittings depending on size and weight of sash.

Our contemporary designs and use of advanced software & manufacturing technologies simply set benchmarks for us. Here are few reasons which set us apart from others:
30+ Years of Experience

Vadodara Windows has over 30 years of experience in global window & door industry. We dont only design and build, we also provide consultation and guidance to our customers to make beautiful yet technically feasible solutions.

Same Day Quote

We pay serious attention to the details and urgency of your requirement. Our same business day quotation includes all the details you need to know : project cost, proposed design and description of components in an easy -to- understand and professional quotation.

Bespoke Designs

If you have something unique in your mind , no need to worry. We will craft your imagination in to a reality by creating your own designs.

10 Years Whiteness Guarantee

We use European quality profile systems for the production of windows & doors. These profiles come with 10 years guarantee on whiteness, securing your peace of mind.