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Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Project Work Status: Proposed Projects

Area: 5,000 Sqm

Client: Verma Properties

Team: Chris Lee, Kapil Gupta

Project Completed: 2007

At present in Mumbai, the proliferation of curtain walls in fast paced, speculative office buildings have reduced the role of the architect to elevation dressers. This phenomenon is blanketing the city with endless uninspired permutations and combinations of aluminium frames and glazing; the domain of the architect's role confined to a mere 200mm depth.

Resisting this tendency, the proposal aims to reinterpret the various components that can possibly make up an elevation whilst maintaining the maximum floor area that can be generated by building to the extent of the site boundary.

The size of openings of the skin is modulated by the amount of dilation of each of the modules which responds to the position of the facade in relation to the sun and also the program within. The depth of the skin thus is thickened to 2 metres to enable balconies, break-out spaces, private cabins and tiered-seating for an auditorium.

On the base of the block, the same primary modules are differentiated to create skylights to basement, outdoor furniture, grass-basins and pavement modules. This promotes the aggregation of specific activities on the deck level according to the positions and density of the various modules.

The challenge of the project ultimately is in exercising restraint and to solve within extremely tight confines, the most basic requirement that a building requires - to be able to see natural light and the exterior.