Usine Studio is a design consultancy firm that offers services aimed at the end to end design of spaces. We have a very contemporary outlook towards design and believe in working with clean lines and simple forms.

We believe that any space should be a reflection of its occupant's lifestyle. Because of this belief we are dedicated towards making spaces that not only look good, but work which is why we place a lot of stress on functionality and context.

We are dedicated to innovation and creativity and are continuously looking at ways of experimenting with materials in our designs.

One of our key strengths is our meticulous attention to the execution of our designs so that our clients are assured of the highest quality.

Personal Details
SB-13, Silver Coin Complex, Near Shrenik park Circle, Akota, Baroda, Gujarat, India - 390015

Phone:+91 9879773666/+91 9924025226

Owner: Yatin Kavaiya

Founded: 2010


Nature Of Business