Urban Dorz, established in the year 1994, provide high quality Architectural solutions in Indian market. They have successfully established world's leading German brand DORMA in North Indian market. Today, they have presence in almost every part of the world offering quality and high class products with high standard services.

Now, GTS with ALUPLAST (Germany) provides an innovative, durable, and elegant solution in uPVC fenestration. They have a team of young and skilled professionals working at state of the art German automatic plant producing world class products, it offers world class range of windows & doors including Composite Doors, Balcony Doors, Turn Windows, Folding Sliding Patio Doors, Sliding Doors and Windows Tilt and Turn Windows, etc.

They have introduced world's most exclusive product in architectural applications to the Indian market which is the Stone doors from Tueren-Art (Germany). These doors are archetype of beauty and display the union of technology and nature at its best in the vast array of choice of natural stones it offers.
They also have encompassed high technology solutions like master key systems from DOM Sicherheitstechnik (Germany) and a wide range of elite Lever, Handles and Locks from Kwikset & Baldwin (USA).


To be the premier provider of the widest range of doors, windows and architectural solutions, supporting the fenestration industry and architectural fraternity with being the best solution supplier, thereby fulfilling aspirations of households and home owners for their dream homes, striving to surpass our competitors in quality, innovation and value, and elevating our image to become the best known brand for products in fenestration.

For achieving success, we shall anticipate and respond fast to the needs of our customer, impart Information & guidance with the best representation of brand, supply at a price which gives value for money and enhance the relationship with satisfactory installation & after-sales service.

In order to meet the customer's needs, we shall try to exceed their expectations & create lifelong relationships.


"To be a dominant supplier of Fenestration and be a market leader to provide widest solutions for Safety, Security, Comfort, Luxury and Energy Efficiency all around the doors & windows."


With an objective to bring harmony to architectural expression and artistic accomplishment in doors and window solutions,URBAN - DORZsincerely adheres to the values of:

  • Integrity,
  • Transparency,
  • Professionalism,
  • Honesty,
  • Simplicity,
  • Consistency,
  • Pro-Activeness,
  • and Client Satisfaction

There Brand's Legacy

It's the business ethics and intrinsic values of quality followed by processes ranging from procurement of raw material, manufacturing, finishing, distribution and the final delivery of the product to its customers makes the brand popular and leader in the market. They follow "5S Principle".

1.      Safety

2.      Security

3.      Solar (thermal insulation)

4.      Sound (Acoustic Isolation)

5.      Sustainability


Its windows stick on to International safety standards like DIN ISO 239 TI, DIN 53479, which turn to impact resistance from external sources. These windows are safe for the environment by being lead free and 100% recyclable. As their safety policy they recommend a minimum of "tampered" safety glass ensuring safety of the residents of the building.



As per the need and requirement these windows come with multipoint locking hardware with or without cylinder locks. From theft and people with not good intentions these window-hardware assembly are carried out in a way making the break-in virtually very difficult.

Solar (thermal insulation)

The windows have very low thermal conductivity ensuring that the energy losses through the doors and windows are minimized and electricity costs for cooling or heating the space is reduced considerably.

Sound (Noise Isolation)

They offer DORZ uPVC windows that provide a noise reduction of upto 45 db with the help of appropriate glazing. Whereas in some special cases a sound reduction of as much as 53 db is possible thus making the system highly suitable for schools, hospitals, hotels, residential and commercial premises.


These window systems conform to weathering stability standard RAL - GZ 716/1 which ensures the colour stability even after so many years of external use in scorching sun rain and harsh climatic conditions which means that these windows are virtually maintenance free and are highly durable. 


Feel free to choose Urban Dorz because they give assurance in terms of service, customer care and technical support, which are second to none. They also provide proper guidance and advice on appropriate application of window, hardware followed by customer care in future. They focus on manufacturing quality products, innovation and services. 

As a young, innovative company we have always offered trend-setting ideas and system solutions for high-end architectural application. We achieve this by following new, un-trodden paths in the building technology. We have proven this in the past, and we are determined to do it again.

At URBAN - DORZ, we shall continue to bring new, innovative solutions to convert your 'Hole In The Wall" into a functional component of your building. Our Philosophy is simple -"As far as the future is concerned, it is not our task to foresee it, but to make it happen."

Our bouquet of Services is geared to support our customers right from Identifying the correct solutions to supply of high quality product and giving Installation & Maintenance services to provide a holistic service experience. Our range of products include International class Fenestration products like uPVC Doors & Windows, Stone Doors, Door Hardware & Architectural Fittings, Glass Fittings & Door Automation solutions.