Undercounter Chillers And Freezers Commercial Refrigeration Blue Star

Brand:Blue Star
BrandBlue Star


HIGH PERFORMANCE COMES WITH HEAVY DUTY BUILD. The Blue Star Undercounter range of chillers and freezers are ideal for storages of premixes and prep material. They come with auto door close mechanisms and use food grade stainless steel that keeps food fresh, no matter what. Blue Star's Undercounter chillers and freezers provide precise temperatures and are built aesthetically for heavy-duty use. Their durable doors, hinges and handles guarantee higher performance for a longer time, thus making them ideal for busy hotels and restaurants. SALIENT FEATURES Rounded corners Eco friendly refrigerant Odourless operation due to continuous air circulation Digital temperature control Uniform cooling by forced air circulation Removable gasket for easy clean Adjustable tray slides Food grade stainless steel unit Tropicalised for high ambient temperatures Self closing doors Auto defrost