Trocal is one of the leading providers of PVC window systems. They are the pioneer in this sector that produced first series PVC window fifty years ago. According to the market conditions and trends they have always developed innovative and quality products.
They have a team that comprise of community of co-workers whose primary target is to direct all their activities towards generating sustained benefits for partners and customers. All its products are of quality standards.

The characteristic features of TROCAL:
• They are unique – Comprise of team of specialists capable of innovative thought and exceptional performance.
• They are flexible - Fast and oriented to targets and customers.
• They are approachable - Foster an open, fair relationship with the customers, staff, and public.
• Innovator – They develop products and services with future potential for each of the markets.

Sustainability. With a clear conscience

Sustainability is more than environmental protection. To go with it is means an attentive handling of the markets' and customers'needs. They work on green line principle by creating a brand value and give customers excellent opportunities in the market in terms of energy-efficient window systems, lead-free stabilizers in the virgin material and sophisticated recycling schemes. This all carry the added benefit of enhancing sustainability.

All its products return a sustainable CO2 with long service life. They fulfill the demand of manufacturers, developers, architects, and end users. For the past ten years they are producing PVC-u profiles extensively with lead-free stabilizers based on eco-friendly calcium and zinc. Integrating regrind materials in the profiles because these lead to making better products. It is being observed that Greenhouse gas emissions caused by the recycling material incorporated in the profile are, at average, lower by about 90% than from traditional plastic window materials. Hence, old PVC-u windows are recycled in a self contained cycle.