Tristone is a premium brand of luxurious acrylic solid surfaces which are significantly composed from high yielding natural minerals and acrylic resins. The outstanding consistency of patterns and colors available with them offer timeless beauty for the users. Their solid surfaces have been significantly certified with NSF- 5 as non porous and fit for usage in the areas of food preparation. Moreover, they prove to be ideal solution for both commercial as well as residential applications due to their integrated bowls and sinks, inconspicuous seams as well as coved backsplashes.

Their effective sustainability can be observed with their Greenguard certification. They offer long lasting durability, design versatility and functionality for the users. The material of Tristone with its outstanding quality proves to be ideal for fabricating any kind of virtual design. This material with thickness of 6mm and 12mm is particularly used for home décor, office décor, malls décor, showrooms décor and many more.