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Trident Residence
Trident Residence
The aim was to design a two storied structure following the natural contours, ensuring the congruence of the proposed aesthetic language with the historic language, and locating the building with the least disturbance to the landform and the existing trees. The design helped in the employment generation of local craftsmen and maximizing the use of local materials and technologies. The need to respect the tree covers, terrains and retain the existing skylines while taking all the precautionary anti pollution measures during and after the project was of prime importance to integrate the architectural interior and landscape with each other in evolving a Mewari ambience.

The primary material for construction used were lime stone and lie mortar for masonry walls with a minimum use of concrete blocks and bricks. Pre-cast concrete elements were used to replace the prefabricated stone elements of the traditional construction. External masonry walls were constructed in dry masonry to demarcate agricultural boundaries known as tiri walls. The flooring was done in local marble using traditional patterns and the external finish was lime wash on masonry walls.

The project established that contemporary need can be blended well with the historic ambience of the product without compromising with any of the bottom lines for the end user and that traditional aesthetics and contemporary tastes are not at cross purposes if used in a balanced manner. It was thus proved that local traditions and richness of crafts has a quality of timelessness that transcends nationalities and technologies to redefine grandeur in public spaces.