Trafficinfratech Expo Delhi, India, January 2015

TrafficInfraTech Expo 2015 brings to the traffic industry the opportunity to showcase, see and understand the latest in Road/Rail  Infrastructure, Traffic Management technologies and Systems for safe and rapid public mobility. The Expo ensures that the right national and international solutions are exhibited to the right audience - the decision makers from the public and private sectors.

The last three very successful TrafficInfraTech Expos have been indicative of the growing awareness in the traffic industry to incorporate world class technologies and also of the Governments' (both Central and States) readiness to improve the infrastructure and provide technology backed public transport.

TrafficInfraTech Expo 2015 will be held in New Delhi offering comprehensive market information, great business opportunities and a platform for networking.

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Trafficinfratech Expo Delhi, India, January 2015