Trafficinfratech Expo Mumbai 2016

Trafficinfratech Expo is India's unique platform for the Traffic industry to connect with the Governments, policy makers, enforcement authorities and infrastructure developers. The Expo showcases the latest in traffic management technology, Intelligent Transport Systems, Tolling, Safety & Security, and Mass transport.

Started in 2011, the Expo has grown in size and in bringing to its fold diverse verticals in tune with the global trend. The concern on road traffic safety and congestion mitigation has shifted focus to ITS and technology driven safety devises. The increasing number of ITS companies at the 2015 Trafficinfratech Expo was indicative of that.

This 5th edition of Trafficinfratech Expo has clearly demarcated sections because of the specific demand by different stake holders. Tolling and Telematics will be integrated with ITS; Safety & Security will have more solutions for the traffic departments; and the section on Mass Transport will showcase solutions for Metro/mono rail, Bus Rapid Transit, and other public transport systems.

For the first time Trafficinfratech Expo will be including a special pavilion for Road side Facilities and Services. Increased road/highway capacity means more demand for services like better communication, rest areas, vehicle service centres, wifi availability, medical aid, entertainment centres, bus shelters, waste disposal systems and travel information guidance systems. The concept of highways as resource centres are now accepted.

The India government understands the need for .bringing in global technologies to the country. The Show has been supported by the both the State and the Central governments.

Trafficinfratech Expo Mumbai 2016