Toshiba is a renowned and top notch manufacturer of modern electrical appliances with an aim to cater products that can create a revolution in imagination and innovation. The company has brought immense change among the varied range of businesses.

Environmental Statement

They are truly committed towards satisfying all the requirements as per the India e-waste Rules of 2011. It has attained and maintained its position ensuring the fulfilment of the products according to the new rules and initiatives. They acquire utmost attention and care at every single process of manufacturing to reduce carbon footprints and contribute to the nature?s health and well-being. 


The sense of innovation is at the very heart of what we do at Toshiba. From developing the world's first industry-standard laptop in 1985 to the world's first Ultrabook with 21:9 Cinematic ultra-widescreen display, Toshiba invests billions of dollars each year into constant research, painstaking design and endless testing to bring its customers the best of what technology has to offer.

Quality Standards

Toshiba's R&D, manufacturing and service activities are geared to maintaining the highest quality standards. Our principal design criteria for new products are maximum functionality combined with optimal quality. For our customers, this means best-in-class quality as we offer more value than any other mobile computing brand. Toshiba's core brand values - mobility, innovation and quality - are the building blocks for true product leadership and make Toshiba the best choice for advanced mobile computing.

Through R&D, manufacturing and service, Toshiba maintains peak performance for its Notebook PCs. Maximum dedication to product excellence means setting high engineering standards and testing procedures even before the product makes it to the production stage.

The Coveted Best Value Award 2013
Satellite C850 - X0110
Toshiba satellite C850 - X0110 has won the coveted best value award in the May 2013 edition of CHIP magazine. The device has been given a 5 star rating by the CHIP lab in 'value for money' category.

Statement by the Jury
"Francis D'Sa, Assistant Head - Test Center, CHIP Magazine also recommends this model to consumers."

Reddot Design Award 2012
Portege Z830/Z930 Series (Ultrabook)
The ultrabooks are only 15.9 mm thick and equipped with a broad array of expansion ports and a full A4-sized keyboard with 19 mm spacing between the key caps.

Statement by the Jury
"The plain design is sensibly complemented by the magnesium-alloy body and chrome-plated hinges. The result is a notebook series with a high-quality appearance that is also suitable for business purposes."
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Good Design Award 2012
Note-PC [dynabook R632 / Portege Z930 / Satellite Z930]
Good Design Awards is a system that aims to channel the eminent powers of distinctive designs to build prosperous lives and encourage sound industrial development since 1957.

Statement by the Jury
"Portege Z930 shows evidence of the designers' awareness, and we can sense their effort-making stand apart. One notable feature at the hinges is a hint of gold color. Although, in general, careless use of this coloring tends to make products look gaudy, in Z930, it has been used skilfully, and it matches the hairline body finish well. Careful design also overcame the potentially critical issue of eliminating the antenna cover, due to the use of magnesium alloy in the body, which would normally interfere with wireless signal reception. The wealth of interfaces shows how this model addresses a weakness of ultrabooks that fail to provide larger ports, such as VGA and Ethernet connectivity. Also worthy of praise is its compact footprint, which, at 31.6 cm wide, makes the unit small enough to fit in a desk drawer."
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