TOPGUARDTM as a brand, is reliable in every respect: The specialization in adhesive tapes is strategic and for the protection of surface. An equally clear line is followed in terms of business policy – the consistency of management and thinking is exceptional and is what makes DVM Protech is such a trustworthy business partner.

We, TOPGUARDTM is a young and energetic company that aims at provide enhanced quality engineered polyfilms. The company has established a effervescent brand TOPGUARDTM for retail sector. TOPGUARDTM caters to residential and commercial under construction premises, painting areas, wooden floor, in other words, if you are constructing or decorating your home and at the very same time you want your surface (floor) to be protected, then you need us. We cover risk of the surface of – Marble, Tiles Floor or surface.

We have come up with very strong will to recognize our name as leader of the industry. That is why, We aim to become India’s leading engineered polymer company to cater to the needs of every single home. We are proud of our achievements and excited about the future. However, some things that will not change are “our commitment to build the better world and belief in endless possibilities. “We know what it takes to manufacture world class flexible engineered films. Our products are designed and manufactured accordance with the strict quality standards, and are inspected numerous times during the manufacturing process. Thus within a short span of time we execute every face of the production process on site for maximum quality control. From formulating our own adhesives, to the coating process, slitting, finishing, packaging, warehousing and shipping—it is all done under one roof.

We account Quality, Infrastructure and Technical Excellence to be our core strengths. We have leveraged our strengths that are guided with an objective of revenue generation and vertical growth. We are passionately committed to the customer and anticipate their needs to deliver outstanding products and one of the leading manufacturers of Flexible packaging films and Speciality Films, witnessing high growth.


We aim to satisfy our customers needs through guaranteeing efficiency and quality in all aspects of our business activities. We help our customers to perform their job more safely, ecologically and productively, thus contributing in creating better places for people to live in .We can continue to exist only because we are better at performing and improving our processes than anybody else.