Looking at the present scenario the trend in the sanitary ware market is off quality, design and color. The designer product of high quality with attractive color is dominating the sanitary ware market. Today you will find flamboyant European art nouveau designs that are most preferred around the world by those residing in bungalows, villas, homes and offices. But at the same time the old good and trusted styles, colors and designs that will never fade away and will remain with the trends and fashion they will always be die-hard choice for people matching with their tradition and culture.

What makes a competitive edge
Top manufacturer of furniture and bathroom suites such as wash basins, EWC and urinals offers all these options and more in its desire to satisfy its customers in other countries besides India.

Add to these advantages a dynamic and prompt response to inquiries and orders and there's no stopping Top Anchor from gaining a firm foothold globally in marketing and supplying bathroom suites and accessories of exceptional quality. Already Top Anchor is exporting to Casablanca, Greece, Spain, UAE and other Gulf States, South Africa, Australia and the CIS States.

Export & Quality Awards from Govt. of India : 1991 to 2001.
Export & Quality Awards from
Govt. of India : 1991 to 2001

Top Anchor is flattered by enquiries from leading dealers and specifiers in European cities such as Vienna, Lyon, and Munich who have alsoordered custom designs for select clientele.

Technical Superiority

Top Anchor employs the knowledge and experience of professional and highly qualified ceramic engineers and deploys the latest machines and technology by configuring tested ceramic materials, uncommon ceramic colours, CPU-controlled heating and temperature control, cooling etc. to achieve quality parameters expected worldwide.

Colours & Materials:

The full catalog in print and online displays the main selections from our wide and varied range of product. However customs colours, designs and shapes are certainly entertained and the client serviced well if the volume of the order justifies the economic advantage for both the client and Top Anchor.