Established in 2003, TOFARCH is India’s leading office furniture company and pioneers of Modern Furniture Designs. TOFARCH designs , manufactures and distributes a wide range of office Architectural products viz- Panel based workstations , Desk based workstations , Executive Tables, Files and storages ,Café Furniture , Lounge Furniture , Seating Solutions , Training room solutions , Auditorium Solutions & Carpets.

TOFARCH – Knows that furniture selection plays a larger role than connecting people with architecture. We believe that as products of our environment, interior design is at the very core of the corporate culture today. TOFARCH furniture is designed for the modern business that aspires to create a culture of success & innovation. Playing equal attention to utility and beauty drives our design selection and product development.

We know how much thought our customers put into selecting their environment, which is why every product from TOFARCH is developed and executed with this same obsession to detail and performance.


We work on the motto of Creating Inspiration Workplaces

What exactly is Inspiration Office An Inspiration Office is a workplace that is designed to bring out the very best in your organization, creating a powerful management tool that will enable your company to build a more creative and productive organization, attract and retain the very best talent. It is a strategic asset that has a strong impact on bottom line business results. It embeds and communicates your company's culture. An Inspiration Office recognizes that work is not just a process – it is a social activity.

How do you create an Inspiration Office The answer is simple. It all starts with an understanding that work as we know it today consists of many diverse activities. Inspiration Office takes an enriched user-centered approach to workplace planning and design, to form solutions that help people to do their work with the maximum effectiveness. Our next step is to provide a variety of workspaces for different kinds of people and activities. To plan an Inspiration Office, we apply our six principles:

At TOFARCH we use ergonomics to respect people’s different work styles and ways of working, designing the workstation for individual needs. This can improve people’s health and well-being, and ultimately enable companies to perform better due to higher productivity and lower absenteeism. Our user-centered approach enables us to design ergonomic furniture and solutions, empowering people in their diverse work styles by meeting their ergonomic requirements and personal preferences. Our Office Furniture system is a Piece of Architecture for the Workplace!!!


To be amongst the Most preferred Company offering Total Office Architectural Products


1. To offer Total Office Architectural Solutions to our customers for creating office environments that foster creativity, increase productivity & Create Inspiration at work.

2. We shall exceed our customer expectations in quality, design, delivery & cost through continuous improvement and customer interactions.


As a company, TOFARCH has always been committed to authenticity in design and we proudly distribute several premium international furniture ranges. Every product range in our portfolio is carefully chosen for its design excellence, authenticity and history. Our staffs are passionate and knowledgeable about our furniture and enjoy sharing the stories behind the pieces with our customers. By exploring this site you will be able to read for yourself the interesting tales behind some of the worlds most recognized furniture. While our particular emphasis has always been on the architectural and design community we also showcase a range of world-class products to satisfy the majority of peoples needs for the office. We are committed to fostering a sense of community among the design industry and as such hold regular industry forums aimed at sparking discussion and debate. You can keep up to date with what is happening in our showrooms by checking regularly on this site. We also aim to foster excellence in the Indian Furniture industry by supporting and representing local furniture designers. Service and after sales support are central to TOFARCH. We offer the consumer the choice from individual purchases through to full turnkey services that include planning, CAD design, product procurement, delivery and installation services. Our extensive warranty arrangements mean that the support you receive after purchase is excellent. We pride ourselves in creating innovative and aesthetically pleasing business environment and have successfully provided creative office furniture solutions to corporate, Govt Agencies and Educational facilities for over Five years.


  • Act with integrity
  • Tell the truth
  • Keep commitments
  • Act with integrity
  • Treat people with dignity and respect
  • Promote positive relationships
  • Protect the environment


TOFARCH is committed to preserving the environment and as such we chose to associate with eco-friendly manufacturers and promote sustainable products. Furthermore, many of the products we represent are timeless, designed to be treasured pieces that can be handed down from generation to generation. TOFARCH strives to promote a caring and empowering environment and operates under principles of accountability. We also have a strong focus on driving excellence through our highly motivated staff and professional work practices. Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

At TOFARCH, we are dedicated to continued excellence, leadership and stewardship in protecting the environment and community in which we work and live. We aim to:

  • Meet the requirements of all relevant laws, regulations and guidelines on environmental issues.
  • Develop and implement measures to avoid and reduce waste and pollution for a better environment through continuous improvement.
  • Encourage waste reduction, energy saving and the use of recycled material to develop environmental-friendly office furniture.
  • Educate ourselves and share the knowledge of environmental sustainability across the organization and with the general public.


Our concern to sustainable development

We use a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to measures a products impact on the environment during its various phases-from materials selection to manufacturing, delivery, use and end of life. The design of each type of component in TOFARCH product and its co-responding accessories incorporated environmental thinking from the very beginning of the process, not as an afterthought.


Simple structure and design of product can help to reduce the using of materials and waste materials in production. Besides, we look in depth at the chemistry of materials and select those that are safe and healthy. Besides, we chose material with significant recycled content (such as die cast aluminum and steel part), and easy recyclable materials (such as extruded aluminum and fabric).

Manufacturing and package

We have designed the product to minimize the waste of material, consumption of energy and influence to environment. The finish of all steel part is covered by powder which is processed by VOC-free, to reduce its release to environment. Light knock-down package reduce package material to minimum, and save energy consumed in transportation.


The modular design on structure enables reconfiguration easily and quickly since most components can be reused, to meet need of evolving and dynamic business work. The service life of most components can be extended by this way.

End of life management

At the end of use life for our product, we can help you find an environmentally responsible solutions including reselling, recycling, refurbishing or donating to a nonprofit organization. To better support our 3Rs (reselling, recycling and refurbishing) strategy, each component is designed that can be disassembled easily and conveniently.


Every product in our portfolio is carefully chosen for its design excellence, authencity and history. Our staffs are passionate and knowledgeable about our furniture and enjoy sharing the stories behind the pieces with our customers. We also aim to foster excellence in the Indian furniture industry by supporting local furniture designers.

We pride ourselves in creating innovative and aesthetically pleasing business environments and have successfully provided creative office furniture solutions to Corporates, Govt Agencies and Educational facilities for over a decade.


As a model enterprise in the industry, we have a well crafted organization structure and an elite team working under clear business procedure guidelines. From the order to the on-site installation, we have ERP system to manage each process under the strict standard of Quality Control System and Environmental Management System that gives us an absolute advantage in the product quality, lead time and competitive pricing.

The company is having the ultra modern European machineries at its production shop floor to give quick and accurate output all the time spread over 50000 sqft.

The ultra-modern production shop floor is equipped with the latest inventions on latest computerized saw and cutting machines, computerized edge banding systems, sheet metal machines, welding shop, fully automated multi-boring machines, powder coating plant, shaping and planning equipments, drilling, milling, bending, injection molding machines etc.

TOFARCH has a strong back up of manufacturing facility, which helps in delivering world-class products. Every furniture item is manufactured with accurate machinery to get better finish. This uniformity & quality consistency is achieved by use of modern manufacturing process. At TOFARCH, we have incredible technical and professional resources with complete control on screening and sourcing of raw material and innovating on design to create distinctive and apt office environment. Our constant Endeavour is towards perfection and innovation so as to surpass customer satisfaction.